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Fort FS – a best broker for trading on cent accounts

Fort FS - лучший брокер для торговли на центовых счетах

Fort Financial Services (Fort FS) – a broker registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the number 25307 BC 2019, has been operating since 2010, during which time it managed to gain the trust of many traders, has won a large number of awards for its activities, constantly develops itself in order to compete with other brokers and attract a large number of customers from all over the world except the USA.

Why did we choose Fort FS

  1. Cent accounts. We indicate the first reason as a recommendation for beginners or for those who want to try out the trading method without investing large amounts of money.

A cent account is a real trading account on which it is possible to enter into transactions with minimal investments and with minimal risks, the point is that all currency transactions are calculated in cents, for example, security deposit for opening, profit and loss calculations, everything is in cents but it is displayed on the terminal as a dollar account.

This account is advantageous to use when a wide deposit margin is required, therefore, it is suitable for working with grid systems and with transaction averaging systems, an additional advantage is a high credit leveraging of 1:1000.

Our team works with cent accounts during forward testing of new accounts obtained as a result of optimization of sets for Night Hawk, Zodiaq, Sakura trading advisors.

  1. As we considered earlier, one of the broker’s benefits is a low spread, especially for active traders using the scalping method. Fort FS offers 3 types of accounts with a floating spread of 0.1 or 0.3 p and one account with a fixed spread of 2 p. Trading with a fixed spread is advantageous because the spread remains constant, it is not affected by the news background and rollover in the Asian session. To confirm the information, we tested the operation of accounts and sent an appeal to Fort FS customer support with a request of clarification whether there were conditions for a fixed spread, as the spread has been widenening during trading sessions for some brokers, despite the fact that it should be fixed. Testing showed that the fixed spread does not change, the support service also confirms that, therefore you may safely choose a tariff with a fixed spread if you are interested in trading at night.

The rate with which spread to choose, each trader decides for himself, starting from the trading style. In periods of low volatility for some brokers, spreads do not particularly increase, but you can choose a fixed spread tariff if you mainly trade on the news, as a floating spread expands during news releases or during high volatility, because for some brokers, the spread widened during trading sessions, despite the fact that it should be fixed. Testing showed that the fixed spread does not change, the support service also confirmed this, therefore, if you are interested in trading at night, you can safely choose a tariff with a fixed spread of this broker.

Especially for you we have collected the information on the spread changes on accounts with a floating spread using the Spread Detected indicator. The results are presented below.

As can be seen from the presented data of the spread change histogram, its average value is really at a low level and some spikes in its growth are observed only during the rollover as well as predictably, during the news release.

  1. Fast orders execution. This opportunity was also important for us when choosing a broker. This Fort FS operator promises a execution speed of 0.1 – 0.3 seconds, on our experience we can confirm it, the orders execution speed is instant.
  2. A wide selection of tools for Forex trading. Fort Financial Services offers more than 140 currency pairs, both classic and exotic, there is also the opportunity to invest in world indexes, commodity futures and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Effective trading terminals. Fort FS can be used on such trading platforms as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), CQG and NinjaTrader. For the convenience of customers, all conditions for working with these terminals are registered and all the differences are indicated in a table at the broker’s website https://www.fortfs.com/ru 


  1. S.T.A.R. and COPYTRADING services.

Fort FS offers several services for generating additional income:

S.T.A.R. – an investment service with which the trader has the opportunity to attract working capital to his accounts, and the investor may invest his capital in order to gain profit from trading in the market of his chosen account. Each of the parties receives its percentage of income. The Fort FS website has a rating of accounts and the investor can independently choose which one to invest his money in, proceeding from the description and statistics in the rating or from his own views, then he can monitor the trade transactions effectiveness and display his part of the profit via his personal account.

COPYTRADING is a paid service that allows you to subscribe to trading signals of other traders. More experienced traders with efficient trading accounts can provide the ability to copy their transactions to other users. Fort FS also has a rating of master accounts with statistics on their trading, the subscriber selects an account, and the COPYTRADING system automatically copies its transactions.

  1. Various accounts types. Fort FS offers 4 accounts types for trading:


It is also possible to open Islamic accounts where a swap is not charged but there is a daily fee.

More details about their specifications are provided at the broker’s official website.

  1. Bonuses and promotions for customers. Fort Financial Services constantly organizes various contests and promotions for its customers, provides bonuses and presents, which can attract and please many users. If you are interested, we recommend to carefully read all the promotion terms before taking part in them in order not to stumble on pitfalls.
  2. Tutorials and training will also be useful for beginners. Fort FS provides tutorials on its website which consists of 7 sections: introduction, trading terminal, trading analysis, fundamental analysis, trader psychology, trading advisors and futures trading.


While working with Fort FS, we have identified several shortcomings for ourselves, namely:

  1. Higher spreads in comparison with other brokers.
  2. inside the broker and is not displayed on the real market, this must be taken into account before working with this operator.
  3. There is a fee for some kinds of funds withdrawal despite the fact that the general information about the broker indicates that no fee is charged.


Before starting work, you need to register in your personal account and deposit funds into the trading account, there are 11 options for replenishing it:


Funds withdrawal

The same methods as for replenishment are used to withdraw profits. It is also necessary to enter your personal account, select the convenient withdrawal kind and indicate the amount. Execution is occurred immediately after registration of the application.



Fort FS broker is perfect for beginners to trade on cent accounts, this is better than trading on a demo version, because there are real money on a cent account and there will be a more serious attitude to the trading because these are real investments. Also, cent accounts offered by this broker are perfect for checking and forward testing of trading advisors, which you are afraid to put on a large trading account for various reasons.

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