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Smart Trading Starts with the Right Strategy

When choosing and developing trading systems, we firstly hew to the fact that these systems have a low risk. The main indicators for us are the recovery coefficient which is calculated as the ratio of absolute profit to maximum drawdown. Recovery coefficient shows how much profit exceeds the maximum drawdown depth. The other important factor when choosing the trading algorithms is such an indicator as the number of transactions completed during the maximum backtest period. Only this way can we assume that the trading algorithm has high predicative properties and will work in the future.

The concept of selection of trading systems

All trading algorithms undergo the full cycle of optimization according to the purpose-built technique. After this, the system passes backward and forward testing, which avoids an adaptation to the historical data results. Additional use of the Tick Data Suite software package allows conducting testing in MT4 terminal with the imitation of real trading with a variable spread and a slippage (delays in the execution of orders).

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This is some kind of a stress test that a trading system must withstand before using it on a live account. In turn, this technique allows you to filter out trading algorithms that are not able to generate income in a real market environment. Thus, a profitable Forex advisor is selected. We do our best to generate the best results for profitable investment decisions.

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