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Dashboard Trading Info Panel

Trading Info Panel
Every experienced trader should periodically analyze the results of his work in the foreign exchange market to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his system. To do this, it would not be bad to see all the statistics in the figures clear to the eye, preferably combined in a table form, so that the assessment became more detailed, there was an opportunity to know the current profitability, drawdown, profit factor and many other characteristics.

There are many servers on the Internet that can monitor your trading, process account information, and provide you with the data you need. The downside of this analysis is that additional sources in addition to the trading terminal should be used. In this regard, the idea of analyzing all sorts of account data in the multifunctional indicator DaVinciTrading Info Panel for MetaTrader 4 was implemented.

The indicator is broken down into separate disconnected blocks, each displaying specific information.

  • The Account Information block contains your account and current currency pair data on the chart, namely: number, owner’s name, server, Freeze and Stopout levels, swap, tick volume, leverage, minimum and maximum lot.
  • The Balance Information unit shows account balance data, equity, use and free margins, credit facilities, current and total profit in deposit and interest, as well as the maximum drawdown calculated according to closed orders.
  • The Spread Information block displays information on the spread of the currency pair set on the chart: the current, minimum, maximum and average spread, which is calculated each tick, this data is contained in the global variable, that is, the calculation will go correctly when the terminal is closed or the indicator is removed from the schedule.

For a more detailed analysis of the current spread, you can see our free DaVinci Spread Detected spread indicator, which builds a   histogram of spread changes, which is useful in analyzing and comparing data over a certain period of history and its changes depending on the time of day.

  • The Open Orders Information unit includes open-position data, both general and separately for sales and purchases: number of open orders, total trading lot, profit and commission, revenue in items, and drawdown as a percentage
  • Block Orders Close Information analyzes in detail all closed trades of the trader, changes in the balance sheet, calculates income, commission, percentage of winning trades, profit factor and other useful information for each pair separately, and the total result. The resulting data is also divided separately for both purchases and sales.
  • The Time Scale block is a convenient visual supplement for trading analysis by the time orders are opened or closed (depending on the settings) both by the hour and by day of the week. You can easily determine the losing period to exclude it from trading in the future.

Indicator settings:

< ===== Show Information ===== >
Show Account Info Show a block of information about a trading account
Show Balance Info To display a block with information related to the movement of funds
Show Spread Info Show spread data block
Show Open Orders Info Show a block of information on open orders
Show Closed Orders Info Show a table of closed orders analysis
Show Close Orders Time Scale Show a timeline of data
Orders Time Scale Type The type of timeline build: by opening time or closing.
Show Rectangle Background Displaying background for blocks with information
< ===== Design Options ===== >
Lable Font The ability to choose the typeface you like
Font Size Choosing the size of the font depending on your monitor’s permission
… Info Color The color of each block’s text
Rectangles Background Color The color of the rectangular block panel
Chart Background Color Graphic background color

As a result, this indicator is a powerful and at the same time compact tool for detailing your trading system and finding new solutions to improve its stability.

Our website continues to develop actively, we try to produce really necessary and useful content for traders. In addition to the fact that it takes a lot of time to create software, you also have to pay for additional services to keep the site running. In this regard, for further development of the project, this indicator is available only in the form of Lite (Demo) version, which limits the analysis of open orders to 5 pieces, as well as analysis of history orders to 20 pieces.
The full version of the indicator is provided for a symbolic $35. If you want to buy it, email us:
support@davinci-fx.com, or leave your comment below (it will not be published).

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