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Round Levels Display indicator

Round level indicator

You dream to get a serious tool for market analysis, allowing as a surgeon to evaluate the anatomical features of price movement and easily determine the accumulation of limit orders of large players of the Forex market. DaVinci FX Group’s DaVinci Round Levels indicator will help you in this, making your trading less risky and fundamentally sound.

As you know, price levels such as 1.1000, 1.2000, 1.3000 are the most significant for bidders on stock exchanges. At these levels, as a rule, there is a consolidation of price movement, as a result of a large accumulation of deferred orders, which in turn is a catalyst for inversion or vice versa inertial breakout price movement. Based on these patterns, not a few trading strategies have been developed, working both on the breakdown from levels and on the back of significant price levels. So why are the round levels so important to ask you, the answer is simple and lies in their unambiguity and objectivity. As you know, the concept of building support and resistance lines can vary depending on the trade approach. Round levels on the contrary for all are the same and by their nature are perceived by bidders in the market as potentially significant places of price movement correction.

RoundLevels RoundLevels indicator from DaVinci FX Group has the ability to adjust flexibly to the needs of the trader. The variability of visualization settings allows you to choose the best color solutions and shapes of lines of different price levels.

Show Alert when Main Level Cross and Show Alert when Sub Level Cross allow you to use the indicator as an alert system when crossing levels, in accordance with the trading strategy and approach used.

Indicator settings:

Main settings
Turned off Levels Turn on/off displaying level lines.
Auto Adjust Levels Auto level adjustment is used when switching to a higher TF so as not to display excess levels and not to create a “porridge” of them.
Show Levels Labels Show numerical values to the right of levels.
Labels Shift Shift levels and labels to the right to the specified value of candles.
NumLinesAboveBelow The number of levels displayed above and under the current price.
Main Levels step Step between the main levels in the points.
Sub Levels step. 0 – off Step between secondary levels in points. At 0, only the main levels are displayed.
Alert == > Setting up alert
Show Alert when Main Level Cross Turn on/turn off the alert when you cross the main level
Show Alert when Sub Level Cross Turn on/turn off the warning when you cross the sub-level
Design == > Color Setting
Lines Width The thickness of the level line. At a thickness of more than 1, the style of the line is always “Solid Line.”
Line Style Main The main round level display style at LineWidth 1: Solid Line, Stroke Line, Dotted Line, Dotted Line, Double Point Bar line.
Line Style Sub Secondary-level display style.
Line Color Main The color of the main round level. This is a rare important level, for example for CHFJPY it is 110.00, 120.00, etc., for EURUSD it is 1.1000, 1.2000, etc.
Line Color Second Main The color is extra to the main level. Also important, for CHFJPY it is 111.00, 112.00, for EURUSD it is 1.1100, 1.1200, etc.
Line Color Sub The color of secondary levels if they are included.

The Davinci RoundLevels Round Levels Indicator will allow you to identify significant price clusters in markets with a high degree of objectivity.

Simplicity is the key to success!

[download url=”http://www.davinci-fx.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/DaVinci-RoundLevels-ind.rar” title=”Download for free”]

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