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Our Trading Report for June 2021

trading refort

Hello! So the half of 2021 has passed, which means that it’s time to publish our monthly report on the trading of expert Advisors for June. In this report, we will summarize some of the results of work on our public trading accounts. They largely reflect our views and approaches of trading, and for the financial community they are a measure of the success and stability of the investments made. The review contains a list of our MQL5, Signals Start signals and PAMM accounts of the Alpari broker available for copying and investing.

It should be noted right away that settlement-like financial markets have certain specifics of movement, first of all, it is a clear decrease in volatility, non-trivial movement of currency pairs during night trading hours, as well as unconditional trendiness. All these changes neutralize the effect of automorphism of quotes used in the optimization process with the current price behavior. But, as a rule, this phenomenon is temporary and in many respects expected and predicted.

Information on all our investment accounts is available in this section.

A report on the profitability of PAMM accounts and signals.

1. Eternity/Shikari

forex trading report


Total profitability: +1392.57%
Monthly profitability: +0.73%
Monthly drawdown: 0.16%
Number of transactions per month: 19
Profit factor: 5.57

The first month of summer turned out to be very calm in terms of market volatility, there were significantly fewer transactions than I expected. This is due to the fact that the program code enters at overbought and oversold levels, which were not many. Anyway, the yield chart turned out to be smooth with minimal drawdowns. In July, I expect more income.

PAMM has proven its effectiveness and deservedly occupies the 50th place in the Alpari rating.

2. Firmum Fiduciam Motus


Total profitability: +357.28%
Monthly profitability: 2.46%
Monthly drawdown: 1.4%
Number of transactions per month: 61
Profit factor: 2,35

The non-system trading period has been passed. The Firmum Fiduciam Motus account begins its recovery and reaching new heights of profitability. The account has a monthly adjustment of the accounts. Less profitable, as well as unstable sets are put into standby mode, or the lot for entering the market is reduced to 0.01. This allows you to wait out periods of stagnation when trading a basket of sets, as well as to neutralize the possible negative effect of the cumulative loss of sets during periods of turbulence in the market.

3. New Generic


forex trading report


Total return: +122.5%
Monthly yield: 4.15%
Monthly drawdown: 1.86%
Number of transactions per month: 39
Profit factor: 2.31

Although the yield chart looks lame and crooked, the recorded profit was more than 4% for the month, which in my opinion is a good result of trading in the Asian session. The settings on the account were slightly changed, which gave it more stability. We are waiting for an update of the maximum yield ahead.

4. Night Hawk


forex trading report


Total return: +248.71%
Monthly yield: 3.07%
Monthly drawdown: 1.3%
Number of transactions per month: 46
Profit factor: 3.95

After a small drawdown last month, the account returned to the previous level of profitability and updated its maximum. The growth curve turned out to be smooth. The set files have not changed since the opening of the current account, which shows the stability and confidence in our algorithm.

The Night Hawk Expert Advisor, created by the DaVinci FX team and available on our website, trades on the account.

5. Irrefutable


forex trading report


Total return: +225.08%
Monthly yield: +5.36%
Monthly drawdown: 7.25%
Number of transactions per month: 158
Profit factor: 3.74

With slow but confident steps, the ADVISER covers the losses received in February. In the coming months, the maximum yield will be updated and investors will restore their balance sheet.

6. My Enlightenment


forex trading report


Total return: +307.05%
Monthly yield: +1.2%
Monthly drawdown: 0.64%
Number of transactions per month: 63
Profit factor: 4.43

Trading all month was accompanied by a floating drawdown on orders that did not want to close due to the lack of a signal and the remote distance to Take Profit. Despite this, the drawdown was minimal and June showed a small but stable plus. We are waiting for more increased market volatility this month.

7. VelociRaptor


forex trading report


Total return: +596.31%
Monthly yield: 4.96%
Monthly drawdown: 1.91%
Number of transactions per month: 61
Profit factor: 1.90

June showed excellent results, the income was almost 5% with a minimum drawdown. The account has practically updated the old value of the maximum yield. The month showed that trading with night Expert Advisors can still bring a good profit.

This PAMM account is the only one from the basket whose balance is calculated in rubles, which is ideal for an investor who does not want to convert his hard-earned money into currency.
The account is included in the TOP 50 of the Alpari rating.

8. Growth gene


Total return: +976,26%
Monthly yield: +5.47%
Monthly drawdown: 1.55%
Number of transactions per month: 126
Profit factor: 1,86

The Growth gene trading account continues to show a stable result. June with a profitability indicator of +5.47% was no exception. The account is used by advisors of the DaVinci FX Group’s own production team. Also, a positive result is provided by an excellent forex broker-RannForex.

9. Synergy motus


Total return: +56.61%
Monthly yield: +4.00%
Monthly drawdown: 1.76%
Number of transactions per month: 83
Profit factor: 1,73

The Synergy Motus trading account, presented in the rating of the leading European broker Darwinex, showed a positive result of +4.00% at the end of June. Stable trading allows you to take the 2nd place in the overall rating of this broker, according to the D-Score indicator.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that most of the public trading accounts of the DaVinci FX Group team have restored or started restoring profitability. This is certainly positive news for all our investors. We have repeatedly noted that the temporary non-systemic state of the market is largely cyclical in nature and should change.

What are the plans for managing public trading accounts for the next 3-6 months? As you know, the process of automated trading is not working on a full automatic machine. This is primarily a set of clearly structured, and most importantly, systematic actions for the selection, optimization and re-optimization of trading advisors and sets for them. This process is carried out on an ongoing basis on all our trading accounts.

That’s all. Join us and earn money together with the DaVinci FX Group team!

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