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Sakura EA is a counter-trend multicurrency trading system with a differential approach to trading timing. The name of the Expert Advisor has its roots in Asia and it is no accident, the most active trading time of this algorithm falls on the Asian trading session. Trading algorithm represents the highest degree of technology, as well as everything developed in Japan.

The logic of the Expert Advisor is extremely simple, but at the same time it is absolutely effective and clear. Entry into a position is carried out at a low volatility of the market, when the price takes a “flat” movement, the order is opened at certain triggers, such as the current price of a financial instrument goes beyond the boundaries of the built price channel, as well as a number of checks and filters that allow to achieve the most accurate both entries and exits from the trading position.

Three additional exit filters work autonomously and independently, so the EA has all chances to close a profitable trade at the best price.

The security block of the trading algorithm, has in its arsenal of well-proven trailing stop, which allows you to smoothly cut losses on the account like a samurai sharp rolled, moving the negative Stop Loss in the zone of positive yield as the price moves towards the profit. And the pause after unprofitable trades, excludes the possibility of false entry into the market during the strong volatility at the current moment.

One of the most important functions of the security block is the prohibition to open opposite orders. This setting allows to exclude potential losses at the moment of zigzag price movement between the price channel boundaries.

The spread filter is specially separated separately for both Buy and Sell because the former opens at the Ask price and the latter at the Bid price, respectively, the current spread is not as important for Sell as it is for Buy and this pattern is taken into account in the code of the Expert Advisor.

Key benefits:

Expert Advisor Sakura

Operates with any MT4 brokers, including all trading accounts types, including ECN.

hieroglyph money
Money management system

Built-in intelligent system of maneuver-egment automatically calculates the necessary trading lot without trader’s intervention.

Expert Advisor Sakura
Lifelong support

Lifetime support and free upgrade to the latest version.

hieroglyph auto
Fully automated

100% automated trading algorithm that does not require manual intervention!

hieroglyph trust

The presence of a trading time filter allows you to receive only reliable input signals

hieroglyph quality1
High predictive qualities

Proven in the real market conditions by means of forward testing. This indicates a high potential of the trading advisor.

An important feature of the trading algorithm Sakura EA is its informativeness and focus on traders of any level of skill and experience. Expert Advisor actively addresses the trader by means of information messages in the experts tab of MT4 terminal. And also, messages on the price chart at the moment of its work.

An equally important component of the trading advisor interface is Sakura EA is an information panel, which, as on the dashboard of the aircraft, displays all relevant information about the trading algorithm at a given time.


When choosing a broker, we recommend to use only those types of accounts, where the ECN system is used, as only on such accounts liquidity providers provide minimum spreads and the most favorable conditions for trading intraday systems with small trading purposes. It is also worth checking that the broker’s commission is adequate. Spread, commission and slippage are the most important for this trading advisor, which can directly affect its profitability. You can find the list of our recommended brokers at the end of the page.

Testing results


01 Sakura EA EURAUD M15 MM


02 Sakura EA EURCAD M15 MM


03 Sakura EA EURGBP M15 MM


05 Sakura EA GBPUSD M15 MM

Sakura EA set portfolio results

Portfolio 1

Tests were conducted in the MT4 terminal using the Tick Data Suite software package, using a real spread and slippage emulation.

Analysis of backtesting results

ТNow let’s move on to the analysis of the testing results of this trading algorithm. We would like to remind you that all our developments pass a full cycle of optimization and testing in conditions as close as possible to the real market. For this purpose, we use all the functionality of Tick Data Suite software packages for modeling trades at high quality quotes with the possibility of simulating slippage, as well as Quant Analyzer for detailed evaluation of large arrays of statistical data obtained as a result of the trading robot optimization stage.

Initially, let’s deal with the matrix of the forthcoming statistical analysis of the testing results of this trading system. We will evaluate the results of test runs in Tick Data Suite on real Dukascopy quotes, where the real dynamic spread is already integrated.


Let’s set the spread multiplier to 1.10 and set the minimum spread at 10 points, thus maximally tightening the conditions of the test modeling of trades and as a result bring them closer to the conditions of real trading.


As mentioned earlier, trading takes place during the night hours, just in the median time between active trading sessions, passing through rollover. As you know, at this time, liquidity in the market drops strongly and spread increases many times. And as a consequence of all the above, the execution of orders is worsening. For maximum approximation in the TDS settings, we will set the delay in order execution, slightly higher than it happens in practice, based on experience.

Everything, conditions for crash-test of our algorithm are created, we launch the model into the bouncer and check how the preventive systems of trading security developed by us will work.


Testing will be carried out with a fixed lot, only in this way without the activated money management function it is possible to adequately evaluate the results of test runs.

As can be seen from the results of the test run on the example of EURAUD pair, the trading algorithm allows you to generate profits with a high profit factor of 2.33. In this case, the recaverie factor, the most significant indicator of evaluation of the test results is 24, which shows how much profit exceeds the maximum drawdown, thus showing the potential of the system to recover.


Based on the results of the obtained chart of equity changes, let’s draw a trend line, as can be seen, the line of deposit changes exactly rounds the trend line, while over the last years there have been practically no periods of stagnation in the trading model work, which is embedded in the algorithm. This suggests, first of all, high predictive properties of this advisor.


Let’s run our mandatory method of checking the ready results of the trading algorithm settings, the Monte Carlo method, simulating many trading conditions, thus allowing to exclude the so-called fit for a particular market. As you know, the accuracy of this mathematical method is directly proportional to the number of iterations of calculations under changing conditions. For this purpose, let us set the number of simulations in Quant Analyzer to 400.


The received result, first of all, speaks about high stability of the received settings of trading algorithm and allows to expect profitable trading on real trading accounts with high probability.

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To pay via Skrill, Neteller, Visa and other payment systems, please contact us by email at support@davinci-fx.com
​After payment, you must send your account number in the MT4 terminal via mail and we will send you the current advisor version tied to your account. A 30% discount applies to the purchase of the 2nd and subsequent copies.

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