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Our Trading Report for July 2021

forex trading report

Hello! The first month of the 2nd half of 2021 has passed. Let’s assess the situation on the main public trading accounts of the DaVinci FX Group team. Let’s note the fact that the markets have low volatility in summer, for all well-known and obvious reasons. In automated trading by advisors, as a rule, this period is characterized by stagnation of the yield line.

Information on all our investment accounts is available in this section.

A report on the profitability of PAMM accounts and signals.

1. Eternity/Shikari


Total profitability: +1284.3%
Monthly profitability: +2.31%
Monthly drawdown: 0.54%
Number of transactions per month: 29
Profit factor: 10.06

The month was very quiet for my main PAMM account. The curve of profitability is beautiful and smooth, the drawdown was minimal. I continue to earn money for myself and investors, who believed in my trading system.
MyFxBook site decided that my previous monitoring was not quite good and updated it, increasing the yield by more than 2 times, which is not a true value. This is most likely due to the fact that Alpari rolled up my trading history, fitting a couple of months of work into one line. Anyway, now I will indicate the total percentage of profitability according to the Alpari website.
Just a reminder that the minimum investment amount is $50, which is good enough to try yourself as an Alpari investor. Join us and earn with us.

PAMM has proven its efficiency and deservedly takes 53rd place in the Alpari rating.

2. Firmum Fiduciam Motus

forex trading


Total profitability: +344.41%
Monthly profitability: -2.42%
Monthly drawdown: 3.97%
Number of transactions per month: 85
Profit factor: 0.63

Trading on this account in July was carried out using stock trading systems. Sets optimized in 2020 were used. In general, the movement on the account repeats the yield on backward tests. By the end of the year, we expect a planned recovery of the yield curve. In general, it should be noted that trading conditions have deteriorated with one of the best Forex brokers, IC Markets, which has this account. And I want to believe that this is a temporary phenomenon.

3. New Generic


forex trading


Total profitability: +121.92%
Monthly profitability: -1.0%
Monthly drawdown: 3.43%
Number of transactions per month: 36
Profit factor: 0.85

Trading in the Asian session for this account shows comforting results. Since the beginning of 2021, the market decided it was time to change and it is very noticeable on the general yield chart, which changed its direction from upward to a prolonged flat.
One way or another, periodic work on the account is carried out, unprofitable pairs are removed from the trades and set files are updated. At the end the settings will be selected that can stably earn in the current state of the market.

4. Night Hawk


forex trading


Total profitability: +258.24%
Monthly profitability: 2.76%
Monthly drawdown: 4.36%
Number of transactions per month: 55
Profit factor: 1.50

This month the signal renewed its maximum profitability again. At the end of the month the drawdown was -4.4% due to increased volatility on the GBPAUD pair, but the trades were successfully closed and the total profit was about 3% for July.
The account has existed successfully since December 2018. During the entire time of the signal there were only three drawdowns, which were eventually worked out in the plus.

The Night Hawk Expert Advisor, created by the DaVinci FX team and available on our website, trades on the account.

5. Irrefutable


forex trading


Total profitability: +238.46%
Monthly profitability: +4.19%
Monthly drawdown: 1.99%
Number of transactions per month: 148
Profit factor: 3.65

The account continues to come out of the drawdown, which took place in February of this year, at a confident pace. I think in a couple of months the yield curve will already update its maximum. Now it’s time to invest in this complex trading tool, which we created more than one month.
Earn with us!

6. My Enlightenment


forex trading


Total profitability: +291%
Monthly profitability: +1.72%
Monthly drawdown: 0.59%
Number of transactions per month: 65
Profit factor: 2.56

The market is very favorable to my trading advisors based on martingale with a total Stop Loss. July passed without excesses, the yield curve renewed its maximum and is tending to the mark of 300% of income on the Alpari site. The last strong drawdown that caused losses was back in May 2019, since then the advisor shows only profitable months.
If you haven’t decided whether to start investing, now is a great time to do so.

7. VelociRaptor


forex trading


Total profitability: +1234.7%
Monthly profitability: 0.41%
Monthly drawdown: 3.49%
Number of transactions per month: 46
Profit factor: 0.95

The month turned out to be difficult for this trading system, in which I combine for my approach: trading in the Asian session and gold trading. As a result, July closed on the plus side.
The last half year the yield curve is languishing in one place and it still cannot move up to its maximum yield. I think this is a temporary situation and by the end of the year we will see new highs on the chart.

The account is in the top 60 of the Alpari rating.

8. Growth gene


forex trading

Total profitability: +1026,79%
Monthly profitability: +5,28%
Monthly drawdown: 3,52%
Number of transactions per month: 145
Profit factor: 1,62

Excellent trading conditions at the broker RannForex allow us to demonstrate effective trading with our trading advisors. July also became profitable with a low drawdown and an eye-catching equity line.

9. Synergy motus


forex trading

Total profitability: +52,51%
Monthly profitability: -1,76%
Monthly drawdown: 4,82%
Number of transactions per month: 100
Profit factor: 0,82

The Synergy motus trading account contains the best conservative trading systems. In the conditions of work with stop systems, periods of drawdowns are inevitable, after the profitable previous months, in July a rollback is observed on the profitability charts, followed by the stabilization of the equity line.


Summing up the results of the trading algorithms on the main public accounts of the DaVinci FX Group team, it is worth noting that trading continues to be carried out fully automatically in comfortable conditions and indicators for investors. July was no exception; positive trading results were achieved on most of the trading accounts.

Join and earn with the DaVinci FX Group team!

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