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True ScreenShot – powerful screenshot indicator sending image to e-mail

Powerful screenshot indicator

Here’s an easy-to-use and customization-based indicator designed to save screenshots of your work schedule in the Meta Trader4 terminal.

Indicator Description

There are five options for saving screenshots:

  • Each time you open a new bar (candles), depending on the timeframe;
  • After a particularly set interval in minutes;
  • When opening trades, manual or automatic;
  • When closing trades, manual or automatic;
  • Every time you press the “Screenshot” button, you press the button.

The distinctive feature of this indicator, compared to analogues, is the ability to send a screenshot to your personal mail after setting it correctly.

There are many variations in the application of the indicator. For example, you trade manually and keep a trader’s diary (what to do, especially if you are new to the market). In this case, you will be useful to have a screenshot of the active chart before opening your position, to then assess the accuracy of the entry after its closing, look at the result before and after, draw conclusions. These screenshots can be stored together with a trade report in specialized programs, or simply in separate folders on your computer.

You may have an advisor who trades while you’re busy with other things – no problem, the indicator will save each of its login/exit to a pre-arranged folder with a convenient name for sorting, and you’ll receive a notification to the mail or phone that the transaction is open or closed at any profit/loss.

Alternatively, you can open a graph with the indicators you use, draw support/resistance lines, graphic figures, etc., make 20-30 screenshots at the opening of each new bar, and then, flipping through them in turn, see how the price behaves gradually, each new bar and whether the right signal gave your patterns and indicators. This method of graphics analysis is advised by many professionals.

Saving in the specified interval in minutes, can make as many screenshots as necessary: from 1 to 60 per hour.

With time settings, you can flexibly adjust the period of saving images and eliminate unnecessary trading ranges.

An example of a hand-save button and notification that the file has been saved can be seen in the image below:

How to set up an image to your phone or tablet

To send a message to your phone or tablet, you must have a MetaTrader4 app installed and login to your personal account. Next, you need to know your ID, you can do it in the Settings app in the Message graph to find Meta quotes ID. Now this number needs to be installed on the site www.mql5.com in the security settings “Settings – > > Sequrity – > > Metaquotes ID” , as well as in your trading terminal, click “Service – > > Settings – > > Notification – > > Metaquotes ID” and test correctness with the “Test” button .

After these actions, your phone or tablet will receive notifications from the terminal if one of the send notification options is selected in the settings.

How to set up your image message

Unfortunately, MetaTrader’s built-in features don’t allow you to send files and images to the mail, so we’ll use a third-party DLL from fxblue.com. This file is already in the archive with the indicator, you just need to put it in the folder of the terminal.

To send the letter correctly, we must specify the server from where the email is sent, the sender, and the recipient in the settings.

The data is sent through the SMTP server, to connect to which you must specify your login and password from the sender’s mail. If you’re worried about the security of your data and are afraid that an indicator or built-in DLL can view it, you can start a separate email to send an image, say, gmail.com and use it only to send a message.

We created gmail.com mail to test this feature, but you need to know that the SMTP mail server now has extra protection and won’t let you send a message from an unknown device. In order for the indicator to still be able to send mail and image, you need to unlock unsafe applications (i.e. access for your terminal). By clicking on the link, you can read the login photo through an unsafe app. Or try to disable the lock by direct link. There may not be such a check on other email servers, or it can also be turned off by analogy.

Below, the settings of the indicator will describe where to enter data from the mail. When you send a message, there may be errors that you can read about in the log (if the comments are included). A -1 error means you don’t have enough space on the disk, you may have a -2 bug if you don’t have a .NET Framework, or you don’t have enough resources. If the error number is different, you can read more information about it in the den file, finding it in the following directory: “C:Users” < Username > “AppData”Local-MT4-Email” in the “MT4-Email.tsv” file, opening it through a notebook.

To work the indicator correctly and send a message to the mail, you must also include In the settings the import of DLL (Service – > Settings – > Advisers – allow the import > of DLL).

The received letter to the post office will have this look:

Indicator settings:

<Settings Screenshot> time.
Start Time (hh:mm) The start time of the indicator.
End Time (hh:mm) The time the indicator is running. If both time settings are set at 0:00 or leave lines empty, the indicator will be run around the clock.
<Auto Screenshot Settings, the> automatic settings of the indicator.
Screenshot New Bar The indicator will take screenshots at the opening of each new bar on the current timeframe at true.
Screenshot Interval (minutes) If you set a value of more than 0, the indicator will start saving at a set interval within minutes of Start Time. Conveniently, if you want to keep a report with a difference different from the current timeframe, say every 4, 17 or 55 minutes.
<Open/Close Orders Screenshot Settings> Set up the indicator when you open/close orders.
Open/Close Chart TimeFrame Select the graph timeframe that will appear on the screenshot. If the current chart is not open – the indicator will open it, take a screenshot and close.
Orders Type Choose one of three options responsible for the type of orders: manual trading (with magic number 0), when trading advisers, or both modes together.
Screenshot Symbol Save screenshots of the opening/closing of the current pair on which the indicator is set, or for all currency pairs involved in the trade.
Screenshot Open Orders Save screenshots when you open trade orders.
Screenshot Close Orders Save screenshots when you close trading orders.
Screenshot Pendings Orders Save screenshots for pending orders. A screenshot of the opening or closing is selected in the two settings above.
<Send Notification/E-mail, > send notifications after screenshots are created.
Send Notification Choose one option when you want to send a notification to your phone or tablet to the MetaTrader4 app if you’ve set up Meta’uotes ID.
– Don’t send Don’t send notifications at all.
– Send when button pressed Send after you click the “ScreenShot” button.
– Send when New Bar open Send each time after the new bar appears on the schedule.
– Send in interval Send at a certain time interval in minutes set above in the settings.
– Send Open/Close orders Send after opening or closing the order
– Send All screenshots Send after each saved screenshot under any set conditions.
Send e-mail Send an email to the mail when you specify one of the notification options (chosen similarly to Send Notification)
Send image to email Send a screenshot to the mail. If the value is false, only a text notification will be sent.
SMTP Server The name is SMTP server. The default is for gmail.com. For another postal unit, the data can be found on the Internet.
SMTP Port Your server’s port number. By default, the port is listed for gmail.com
SMTP User name The address of your mail that you use to enter your personal office at the post office from which the letter will be sent.
SMTP Password Password from sender’s mail.
Requires SSL If the server supports the SSL connection, it is set to 1, or 0, if not.
Email To Address The address to which the letter will be sent
<Comments/Button settings>
Show Comments Show comments on the work of the indicator on the graph and on the stored images.
Comments Position Show comments on the work of the indicator on the graph and on the stored images.
Comments Color Color text labels notifications on the chart.
Show Journal Massage Show notifications about the activity of the indicator in the log.
Notification Language Choosing the comment language of the indicator: Russian or English.
Screenshot Button Display the “Screenshot” button on the graph to manually save screenshots. There are three colors to choose from: green, blue or red.
Button Position Choose one of the four screen angles on the graph for the location of the “Screenshot” button.
Button Distance X Retreat to the X “Screenshot” button in pixels from the chosen screen angle.
Button Distance Y Retreat to the Y “Screenshot” button in pixels from the chosen screen angle.
<ScreenShot Size>
Width (X pixels) The size of the stored X-by-Pixel image.
Height (Y pixels) The size of the stored Image by Y in pixels.
<Other settings>
Create Extra Folder Create additional folders with the name of a currency pair, a TF and a week to store images for more convenient storage. Choosing one of the options:

  • Symbol/TF/Week/ (Symbol/Timeframe/Current Week)
  • Symbol/TF/ (Symbol/Timeframe)
  • Symbol/Week/ (Symbol/Current Week)
  • TF/Week/ (Timeframe/Current Week)
  • Symbol/ (Symbol)
  • TF/ (Timeframe)
  • Week/ (Current Week)
Set Picture Name Set up a selection of one of the five options to save the image name: Character name, timeframe, Screenshot type, Date, and Time. Makes it easier to sort files according to your preferences.
Image Format Choose a file format to save an image: gif, bmp or png.

All stored screenshots when using the indicator can be found in the folder Files’True ScreenShot Indicator,the full way looks something like this:

– For the trading account:
C\Terminal:UsersUsersqAdminqAppDataqRoamingqMeta’uotesq Terminal < number > MQL4

– To get results when testing with visualization:
C:Users’Admin’AppData’Roaming’Meta’Saotes Terminal < Terminal Number >

You can open the way to the files through the terminal by clicking File – > Open the data directory.

That’s it. We hope this tool will be useful in your trading!

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  • It doesn’t send me any email need help

    • Hello. The security policy of Google and other email senders prohibits logging into your account from untrusted sources. In our case, this source is the MT4 terminal. It is necessary in the settings to disable the ban on entry from unreliable sources. Or create a separate e-mail only for screenshots and disable this check there.
      On Google, this can be done at the link: https://myaccount.google.com/intro/security

      Also, you must correctly configure the SMTP settings for your mail. Enter your “SMTP User name”, “SMTP Password” and “Email From Address”, leaving the rest of the settings unchanged if you are using Google mail, or change all settings altogether depending on the SMTP mail company.

  • it cannot creat more than one shot from the same chart , the naming overrides last one …

    • Hi, yes, unfortunately you can make screenshots of the same symbol just one time per second.
      Also, now market is closed so screenshots time is the same (like 23:54:59)

  • FYI, download link doesn’t work. May you please fix? Regards,

    • Hey John!
      Thanks for your vigilance. But I checked the link, everything works.
      Perhaps access to the resource is blocked, you need a VPN.

  • OMG! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! A lot of times I forget to take pics at the opening and closing of my trades which doesn’t help with my journaling. I love how this indicator names the files. This is so awesome! Thank you!


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