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Free semi-automatic Expert Advisor for working with a breakeven DaVinci Breakeven Definer

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We present you a compact, absolutely free Expert Advisor for Meta Trader 4 trading platform – DaVinci Breakeven Definer.

Convenient and intuitive menu of advisor settings will allow you to start working with trading orders in MT4 after the first installation on the chart. This advisor is an excellent tool in the hands of a trader who prefers to work in the financial markets in a semi-automatic mode, but traders who use full automation of the trading process will certainly find it useful. Breakeven Definer advisor is a functional, but most convenient assistant for working with market orders already in trade.

First of all, the Expert Advisor is used to transfer to break-even orders opened by the user or other Expert Advisors with a specified indent. It is also useful for modifying single positions as well as for calculating the break-even level of a group of orders or a martingale grid.

DaVinci Breakeven Definer

Let’s take a case study. It often happens that a third-party EA has opened too many orders, which cause significant drawdowns in the trading account. To reduce the risks, it is necessary to transfer these orders to breakeven or to a specific profit or loss in points. For example, the market has a grid of trading orders with a large drawdown. After technical or fundamental analysis, you understand that the risks of unidirectional movement towards Margin Call or worse, Stop out are high and do not want to wait for the price to reach Take Profit. In this case, the Expert Advisor will move your price by a specified mark from the break-even level, for example, by 3 points plus for the entire order grid. It can also set a Stop Loss from this level, or close all orders at all when the specified drawdown is reached. And also, if you want to remove all targets of previously opened orders at all – the Expert Advisor can do it in a few seconds.

The Magic Number filter allows you to select exactly those orders that your trading advisor has opened, or all trade orders opened by hand if you set the value to 0.

DaVinci Breakeven Definer
DaVinci Breakeven Definer

With the specified “Don’t change” setting, the Expert Advisor can simply indicate to you the future value of Take Profit and Stop Loss with a deviation from the VA level in points or percentage of the deposit in the form of horizontal lines, for making a trade decision.

There are three options for working with targets: Calculation and display only on the chart (Don’t change), setting targets with order modification (Modify TP/SL), or deleting already existing Take Profit and Stop Loss (Delete TP/SL) targets for open positions.

DaVinci Breakeven Definer
DaVinci Breakeven Definer

Additional features of this auxiliary advisor are:

  • Ability to close all open trade orders in a specified direction on the specified magic number / or all;
  • Delete all pending orders (Pending orders) in the specified direction;
  • Forced to close transactions when the specified drawdown (Drawdown) in percent or currency of deposit is reached.

Flexible settings of DaVinci Breakeven Definer allow to fully personalize color display of information lines on the trade chart.

Our goal was to create a convenient advisor-assistant for
accelerating the modification of trader’s orders and working with break-even.

Forex is easier
than it seems!

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