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High-yield investment pamphlet account Eternity, opened with the broker Alpari. During its existence, it has proven that trading and investment in the international currency market Forex can be stable and at the same time bring high interest profits to investors. Repeated leader in the rating of the largest PAMM platform Alpari. Trading on the account is fully automatic, using the developments of the DaVinciFX Group project. Full control over the risk is provided, using Stop Loss. Thus, the maximum possible drawdown on the account is limited to 30%. With a relatively high recovery factor of 2.8 this account has a high potential for recovery after an unsuccessful trading period.

Stable investment pamphlet account NEC ConvertebantuR. This account is the embodiment of a conservative approach to risk trading in financial markets. Trading on this account is carried out by a specially formed portfolio of trading robots that have been optimized and tested using the developments of the DaVinciFX Group team, as well as specialized software distributed by our partners Tick Data Suite Birt Ltd and QuantAnalyzer StrategyQuant s.r.o. Trading settings were selected based on the method of diversification, and all trading instruments involved in trading have approximately 0 correlation coefficient. This determines the smoothness of the balance change line, without long drawdowns and sharp rises. Trading on a grid of orders, Martingale principles and other high-risk tactics are not used in trading. Stop Loss is installed on all trading advisors, allowing you to limit losses in the unfavorable situation.

Irrefutable – aggressive and upward-looking chart of this PAMM account looks forward to high profits with moderate risks. A robot advisor, another brainchild of our team, trades on the account. Seven trading pairs are used in trading. The risk per trade is floating and varies from 1 to 30%. Take profit is used partially, most of the exits from the position are carried out using smart built-in filters.

The PAMM account DaVinci Night Hawk was created quite recently. Its goal is to showcase the work of our lucrative Night Hawk advisor. There is no Stop Loss in the system at the moment. Take profit depends on four smart filters for exiting a trade. Currency and maximum drawdown filters will prevent a large number of trading pairs from entering the market. Trades are monitored three times a week. It is recommended to invest 20% of your portfolio..

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This signal is aimed at experienced conservative traders and investors who adequately assess the risks of trading in the international currency market Forex. Trading is conducted by a basket of trading advisers. The greatest weight in this basket is given to Zodiaq EA trading advisor, developed and optimized by DaVinciFX Group team of programmers. Trading is carried out in a fully automatic mode, stops in case of potentially highly significant fundamental factors, macroeconomic news that can have a destabilizing effect on the market.

One of the best signals of the DaVinciFX Group team. The slogan of this account – Trade proved by time – speaks for itself, the account exists since February 2014 and is a PAMM longevity on the Alpari website. Unique profit percentages of this account, and this is more than 1000% allows you to talk about the high professionalism of developers and the potential of trading algorithms working on this account. Trading advisers involved in this account are constantly being improved and optimized.

A promising trading signal. Its trading results are based on the developments of the DaVinciFX Group team. Stop trading systems are used. Portfolio of trading advisers is used on 10 financial instruments with correlation coefficient of 0. Trading algorithms were tested using the Monte Carlo method, the results showed high potential for profit and also confirmed excellent predictive properties of the trading system. This allows to expect stable results of the portfolio of Expert Advisors with a certain amount of confidence in the future.

A young signal that has already gained popularity among traders on the MQL5. The signal is based on trading in the Asian trading session using a fixed Stop Loss and a floating Take Profit. There are filters for currencies, the number of trading pairs, 4 filters for exiting a trade based on the indicator signals. The account uses eight currency pairs with a risk of 2-3% per trade. Competent money management allows you to earn consistently without large drawdowns.

The trading signal is a copy of the Alpari NEC ConvertebantuR PAMM account. It is ideal for traders as a standalone signal, as well as for those who use a portfolio approach in copying signals on the MQL5 website. This account is among the TOP 3 MQL5 signals in terms of reliability. Fixed stop loss, spread filters and other preventive methods are used in trading, which allow to level out risks in trading on financial markets.

This account contains the commercial development of DaVinciFX Group team – Night Hawk EA trading advisor. One of the best trading systems on the market of software products and algorithms for automation of trading on the international currency market Forex. The automated trading system has been demonstrating stable and confident deposit growth for many years. At the same time, it has brought not little profit to investors and signal copiers.

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