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Alpari – the largest platform for managing funds and PAMM investment

Alpari broker is one of the most famous brokers around the CIS. The company began its activities in 1998, when brokers from the territory of the former USSR decided to create a single platform for convenient trading at Forex. As a result, Alpari became a concern analogue, which includes several companies that operate in the United States, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Traders from the CIS have the opportunity to gain access to the interbank foreign exchange market by using provided tools.

Over more than 20-year history of its existence, the Alpari group of companies has changed a large number of licenses in different countries that regulate the company activities. But for the most part, these steps were primarily due to the marketing component. The company achieved the greatest popularity and recognition in the post-Soviet space. Alpari Limited is a classic offshore broker and is registered at the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
You might be interested in the reason and the answer to this question is obvious – this is the company’s desire to maintain the best opportunities for leverage provision. A possibility to provide trading services on various accounts for MT4 and MT5. As you know, most governments tighten the regulatory and legislative network governing the activities of financial institutions, representing the opportunity for private traders to trade financial tools in world markets. The legal boundaries in the field of regulation of this activity in the territory of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are the most liberal and allow maintaining the trading conditions for private traders and investors at a competitively high level.

About the company

Alpari is a popular search query on any search engine. Today, the broker provides its service for more than one million customers worldwide. The company does not have a head office, there are representative offices in the CIS – in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, as well as in other countries of the world. Alpari is not only involved in providing Forex trading opportunities, but also trading in contracts and metals. In addition, the Alpari Gold broker’s division specializes in the sale of gold and silver investment coins.

Trading tools

Alpari provides the following list of tools:

  1. 46 currency pairs.
  2. 10 contracts for indexes.
  3. CFDs on goods and cryptocurrencies.
  4. Metals.

The list of tools allows to work as a beginner and as a more experienced trader who is well acquainted with the Forex world. Despite the fact that the presented list of pairs and contracts is not the widest, there are all the most important and stable tools for successful trading, including automated trading advisors.

Speaking about the trading terms, one the high leverage level should not go unnoticed, which depends on a number of factors and can reach 1:3000.

There are the following factors:

  • Margin group (FX Majors for Standard accounts, FX Majors for ECN accounts, FX Minors, FX Exotics, FX RUB, Spot Metals, FX Special, etc.)
  • The aggregate position size. The higher the aggregate position, the lower the leverage. At the same time, each margin group has its own differentiated separation grid. The principle of changing leverage on the margin FX Majors group for ECN accounts is given as an example.

The trading account types are presented from a Standard dealer account to ECN / Pro.ECN trading accounts which involve the complete withdrawal of orders to the interbank:

  • Cent account (Suitable for beginners, for conducting forward testing of a developed trading advisor, as well as trading a grid of orders);
  • Standard account (The trading account is primarily aimed at traders who prefer systems that trade in the medium-term and long-term. There is no commission for opening / closing orders on this account type as well as relatively higher spreads compared to ECN accounts);
  • ECN (This type of account is characterized by good order execution and low spreads. It should be noted that there is no commission.);
  • Pro.ECN (The choice of professional traders who use automated trading algorithms that need a narrow spread and the fastest trade orders execution).


Trading accounts can be opened for different trading terminals, both for meta trader 4 (mt4) – the most popular one, and meta trader 5 (mt5) which is gaining popularity now.

Unlike Australian ECN brokers, Alpari’s trading spreads are not very low. At the same time, the trading orders execution allows to use scalping trading strategies, including the Asian session trading. For these purposes, the DaVinciFX Group team has developed a”Sakura” trading advisor which allows to earn money automatically, when you are asleep.

In order to collect information about the spread on real trading accounts of the Alpari broker, we used the spread Detected indicator, specially developed by the DaVinciFX Group project programming team.

As can be seen from the chart of spread changes on the EUR/USD currency pair of a real trading account with ECN technology, the spread is in the range of changes from 0.1-1 P, while a burst in its growth is observed only during rollover periods. We always use the EUR/USD currency pair to compare the spread level of different brokers due to the fact that it has the largest trading volumes and, as a result, is the most liquid among all the tools available for operations on the Forex market. These currency pair qualities make it a kind of the trading conditions indicator offered by the broker, and the spread acts as an indicator.

PAMM accounts are the best tool for investing in Forex

This is one of the peculiarities that was firstly brought to to the Forex market by Alpari. Both large and small investors are able to invest thanks to PAMM accounts. The Alpari PAMM service is beneficial both to investors and traders, managing the capital of investors and receiving remuneration from profits. At the same time, we would like to note that the investment capital accumulated on the Alpari PAMM platform is the largest in the CIS countries which makes this service even more attractive, especially for traders who manage investor accounts.


It is possible to invest both in a separate account and in a portfolio, where all the most stable and profitable accounts are already collected. Each user may use the ready-made PAMM portfolio or collect it independently on the basis of the analysis and personal preferences. After the portfolio has been collected, it can be opened to others who will use it. The investor does not pay a fee on the portfolio, like “dividends”, the investor pays only a percentage of his profit to the trader. If the investor’s portfolio is open, then he can earn 15% of the amount of investors attracted.


Each trader who has contributed funds to the portfolio carries risks and makes a profit, depending on its investment percentage. The investor pays as much as the trader sets. The maximum is 50%, the minimum – 1%. The broker receives nothing from this, his income is receiving a spread from the funds of the investor who is participating in the trade. If the portfolio does not operate, then the trader who created it will not make a profit.

The ability to independently create a portfolio attracts the attention of many traders who understand how it works but do not have sufficient financial cushions to fully enter the Forex trading world. A person will be able to receive interest from correctly selected accounts thanks to the PAMM portfolio.

Alpari monitors the PAMM accounts rating, so they are constantly updated by specially designed calculations and formulas to provide only up-to-date information for investors.

PAMM accounts and portfolios are Alpari products. The company not only developed, but also registered structural products under its own brand.

The process of investing and an investor account management is presented in a simplified form below:



Also I would like to express our personal opinion about the Alpari’s PAMM investment service. Unfortunately, in 2019, along with a general website design change, the PAMM accounts rating was changed

Now the PAMM accounts rating is divided into two subspecies:

  • Active
  • Conservative

But as you probably could guess, the word “Active” hides the word “Aggressive.” This allowed high-risk accounts of managers to get into the top rating by chance, often with just a luck not to melt in the first months of work on these accounts that use dangerous trading tactics and without relevant experience while not observing the banal but necessary money management rules, thereby exposing the risk of melting and losing the investor funds. Very young accounts which are just several days old and with exorbitant profitability, fall into the aggressive rating. For a long time, traders asked the management of the Alpari broker to turn off this high-risk rating because it misleads newcomers and increases their chances to quickly lose their money, but the company’s management is inexorable.

In order to select the conservative accounts rating, it is necessary to click on the “Conservative” filter in the rating heading and the PAMM accounts rating will be updated in accordance with the current rating of less risky and often more stable accounts.

If you are already an experienced trader and confident in your trading system, then we advise you to open your PAMM account because your profitability may increase significantly.

The PAMM accounts of DaVinciFX Group team have been showing positive trading results for many years and are open for investment. You may choose an account for investment and analyze it on a specially designed page on our website.

Alpari and algorhytm trading

Each trader who uses pre-created algorithms for working, creates a robot for a specific platform, depending on the broker’s tools and features (spread, slippage, swap, transaction fee, etc.). Alpari is an ideal option for trading on a fully automated machine with the help of advisors thanks to the PAMM service, relatively low spreads and good execution of trading orders on accounts such as ECN / ProECN.

Trading algorithms developed by the DaVinciFX Group team have been successfully working on PAMM accounts of the Alpari broker for several years , which once again proves the favorable conditions created by the broker for automated trading with advisors.

Alpari’s benefits

There are several major advantages that have encouraged more than one million traders to use the services of this particular broker. Alpari has the following benefits:

  1. More than 20 years in the market. A similar company’s life span indicates the quality of the services provided.
  2. The largest PAMM site in the CIS.
  3. High-qualified technical support.
  4. Easy website navigation. The interface is not overloaded with tools and rarely used features.
  5. Easy deposit / withdrawal of funds in more than 30 ways.
  6. Cashback and other promotions.

Promotions and contests are one of the broker’s strong points. They are necessary in order to give new traders the opportunity to earn the startup funds or to help overcome the training period.

Let us dwell on the Alpari Cashback program. You will earn points during trading, investing and replenishing your account, which you may compensate for the fees and spread in the future, as well as convert into real money.

The algorithm of how it works is presented below:


Unobvious Alpari’a benefits

Every day company employees provide everyone with market analytics where most of the information is focused on the forex and event calendar. If the trader wants to receive all the relevant information, then he will need to purchase a subscription to gain access to the FxWirePro trading terminal news block.

A major advantage is the training program, with which traders can get advice on both minor and important issues. Every day, company employees provide everyone with market analytics, where most of the information is focused on the forex and calendar of events. If the trader wants to receive all the relevant information, then he will need to purchase a subscription to gain access to the news block of the FxWirePro trading terminal.

A major advantage is the training program. Thanks to it, traders can get advice on both minor and important issues. Educational webinars are held very often.
The platform creates the most positive environment for the beginners. Here, novice traders will be able to participate in contests, receive prizes and this will not require trading with real money. It will be enough to fulfill the conditions on the demo account in order to earn real money which could be used in working with money accounts.

We cannot miss the opportunity to tell about the presence of such functionality as market analysis tools, which includes:

  • Autochartist service – the program automatically analyzes the chart and predicts the most likely price movement.
  • FXStreet – a very convenient and informative economic calendar.

Alpari’s disadvantages

Alpari is not an ideal broker, so there are also some disadvantages:

  1.  There is no license confirming that Alpari is a forex dealer in the territory of the Russian Federation. But in most cases, all issues can be resolved online, using the appropriate website interface.
  2. The range of tools. They are enough for standard trading, but some brokers offer a larger set of currency pairs and CFDs.
  3. The list of services provided includes Fix-Contracts. This is a kind of analogue of binary options that do not differ in quality and do not enjoy the trust of a large number of professional traders.

Reviews about Alpari

The number of positive reviews of Alpari’s work exceeds the statistics of any other broker. The company tries to keep its image, so Alpari has not been involved in major over the years of its work. Technical difficulties that sometimes occurred during the broker’s operation only allowed to improve its software quality in order to eliminate the existing shortcomings.

The procedure of depositing and withdrawing funds is very important for brokers and the company has no problems with it. Delays can only be caused by payment systems that are used by users for transactions

To sum up

Alpari is a broker that is suitable for any trader and investor. The existing downsides are totally overlapped by the existing benefits. Comfortable trading conditions for algorithmic trading when all trader’s work is done by the robot advisor as well as the presence of the largest CIS platform for investing and managing investor funds – Alpari’s PAMM service is an additional motivation to develop on this platform. All this makes the Alpari broker a real conglomerate among Forex industry.

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