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Tickmill – a forex broker with excellent trading conditions

Tickmill entered the market not so long ago, in 2014. Its office is located in the Seychelles. The broker is a part of Tickmill Ltd and is divided into two departments: the first one received a license in the UK, the other – in Cyprus. In addition, the Cyprus department is a part of the ICF, which means that it is allowed to trade in Europe. Despite the youth of the brand, it managed to gain popularity among traders around the world.

Trading conditions

Before starting, you need to choose which office you want to work with. Novice traders are advised to work with a company whose office is based in Cyprus. This company’s division has clear initial conditions and many opportunities for beginners. The British division is more intended for professionals, since it is profitable to trade there, but the initial conditions are more strict. The British office does not work with everyone – they check if the traders has the professional client status. Tickmill offers 84 trading tools:

  • 63 currency pairs with negative swaps. This means that if the transaction is postponed to the next day, the trader is charged with a fee. This does not happen if the transaction is closed on the same day. The standard transaction is 100 thousand currency units.
  • 15 stock indexes. The minimum transaction size is one contract, there is no fees, the margin is within 1%.
  • Precious metals. It is possible to buy gold or silver for dollars with negative swaps. Standard lots are 5,000 ounces of gold or 100 ounces of silver.
  • Bonds. It is possible to perform transactions in the amount of from 1 to 10,000 contracts with zero fee. The base currency is 4 euro assets.

Tickmill is considered one of the best brokers for using trading advisors. Spreads, that is, the difference between selling and buying, are at a fairly low level. This allows to demonstrate excellent results with trading algorithms.

Below is the statistics of changes in the spread on a live trading account, the data is accumulated using the DaVinci Spread Detected indicator.

Tickmill is considered one of the best brokers for using trading advisors. Spreads, that is, the difference between selling and buying, are at a fairly low level. This allows to demonstrate excellent results with trading algorithms.

Some Tickmill deals are available without swaps. In addition, the company operates through a system of market orders execution. This means that the tool price may change between the time the application submission and the end of its processing. If the client wants to avoid this, it is possible to use limit orders which are processed at a speed of 0.1 seconds.

Registration and account types

During registration, the clients are asked to indicate the name, mail, mobile phone number, address of residence. In addition, you will need to upload scans of documents with which company employees can confirm their identity and place of residence in order to complete authorization. This procedure takes up to 2 days. In fact, you can identify your personality later, during the funds withdrawal. However, this is unsafe, because all invested money will be lost if case if won’t manage to pass the confirmation (this sometimes may happen). It will be impossible to return them to your account. In addition, sometimes Tickmill employees ask for re-verification. The company offers three types of accounts:


  • Classic. It is allowed to make a minimum deposit of $ 100, as well as the equivalent amount in other currencies. All available tools are available to clients, the broker does not charge fees. The minimum spread is 1.6. This account type is suitable for those who use trading strategies that are not very dependent on the order execution speed and the spread level. Classic account holders should not trade during high volatility hours because high spreads can increase even more. Leverage is 1: 30-1: 500.
  • Pro. Spreads in these accounts can be zero. The minimum amount and leverage are the same as in the previous type of account. There is a commission for transactions – 2 base currencies for the purchase or sale of one lot, but this rule does not apply to CFDs, WTIs and bonds. This account is more professional and is suitable for users with average capital. Although the broker promises low spreads, on unpopular assets they can reach 10-100 points.
  • VIP. An account for professional players who are willing to invest from 50 thousand dollars. The conditions are the same as for the Pro account, with the exception of the commission – one lot in one direction will cost 1 base currency. The minimum transaction size is 0.01 lots. Most often, spreads are low even on unpopular financial tools.

Funds replenishment and withdrawal

The minimum amount that is allowed to be deposited to a newly opened trading account is $ 100. This can be done via bank transfer, card transfer, QIWI or WebMoney wallets, as well as using the international Skrill and Neteller systems. Fees arising upon replenishment are compensated by the company. As a rule, funds are deposited instantly, although sometimes you have to wait up to 3 days in case of bank transfer.

There are some restrictions on the funds withdrawal. For example, no more than one hundred dollars can be withdrawn to MasterCard and Visa cards. Any other amounts should be withdrawn via bank transfer or to Skrill, QIWI and Neteller payment systems. Funds come in one business day. There is no withdrawal fee charged by the broker but the bank may charge it independently.

Leverage (the ratio of the trader’s own funds to the amount necessary for a transaction opening) is 1:500 for the currency and 1:100 for other financial tools. At the same time, all the platform accounts are protected from going into the red – all existing transactions will be closed before the amount of losses exceeds the amount on the deposit.

Beginners Training

The Tickmill’s peculiarity is its loyal attitude to newcomers at the exchange, it provides the opportunity to learn all the secrets of trading and not lose a lot of funds during the learning process. There are various materials available at the platform – video tutorials, webinars, articles, a glossary with a list of terms and even a complete training course with practical homework. The system allows to create a demo account so that newcomers can understand all the mechanisms without risking their money.

 To sum up: the pros and cons of Tickmill

Tickmill quickly gained fame and now the its turnover is over 1 trillion dollars a year. But is it worth registering at thisservice? You should l study all the pros and cons to make a decision. The broker has following benefits:

  • possession of a license.
  • pleasant terms with spreads from 0 points.
  • a wide range of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, no fees.
  • holding various promotions for customers – a trader of the month, NFP machine contest and others.
  • a small minimum deposit amount- $ 100.
  • tutorials for beginners.

The broker’s disadvantages include support for only two trading platforms (Metatrader 4 and Webtrader), the inability for US traders to register there, the relative youth of the company. In general, Tickmill is a good option for both professionals and beginners that provides good trading conditions.

It should be noted that Tickmill is a prominent representative of the Australian pool of brokers with particularly attractive conditions for automated trading with the help of advisors. We cannot say that there is much difference from IC Markets, in general, they are very similar, despite the fact that they are different companies – all the same low spreads and excellent orders execution. For this reason, we recommend using this broker in order to diversify non-trading risks, guided by commonplace proverb – do not keep all your eggs in one basket.

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