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Our Trading Report for May 2021

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Hello! The last month of spring is over, summer has arrived and it’s time to publish the monthly report on the trading of our Expert Advisors for May. The review contains a list of our MQL5, SignalStart signals, and PAMM accounts of Alpari broker available for copying and investing.

Information on all our investment accounts is available in this section. 

Report on the profitability of PAMM accounts and signals

1. Eternity/Shikari


Total profitability: +1557,23%
Monthly yield: +2.00%
Drawdown per month: 1.00%
Number of orders per month: 33
Profit factor: 2,33

The month was good and stable for my oldest PAMM account. The income was 2% when the drawdown did not exceed even 1%. The maximum return was renewed again. At the moment, the account is the most low-risk one where I am using the Martingale system. PAMM has proved its efficiency and deservedly takes 50th place in the Alpari rating.

2. Firmum Fiduciam Motus


Total profitability: +342,67%
Monthly yield: -3,0%
Drawdown per month: 4,53%
Number of orders per month: 41
Profit factor: 0,44

One of the most stable trading accounts of the DaVinci FX Group team continues to experience a tough 2021 market. Perhaps, all participants in the financial markets appreciated their special behavior after covid trading. But if you go into history, the advisors and sets used on this account, during back testing, successfully passed the crisis markets of 2008 and 2013, sometimes stagnating in profitability, but at the same time without deep drawdowns and shocks.

In this situation, you just need to wait out this non-systemic period, after which it is worth assuming that the achievement of new levels of profitability will not be long in coming. In addition, new sets will be added to the account in the near future, based on the results of the recently carried out re-optimization.

3. New Generic



Total profitability: +115,26%
Monthly yield: -1.57%
Drawdown per month: 3.94%
Number of orders per month: 30
Profit factor: 0.75

The account continues to stagnate, generating small profits and small losses. Due to very conservative risk settings, the loss for May was only 1.5%. These settings have been successfully tested on the history since 2012, so I just have to wait for the market movement to return to its previous direction.
Also, 3 set files were changed on the account and a new trading pair was added, but it is too early to judge the results.

4. Night Hawk



Total profitability: +240.36%
Monthly yield: -0,67%
Drawdown per month: 13,23%
Number of orders per month: 49
Profit factor: 0,93

Because of the considerable drawdown and two losing days, the Expert Advisor closed the month in minus 0.67%. The system of closing a grid of orders in the negative at strong price fluctuations worked well. The settings of the Expert Advisor will not change. Next month, it is planned to make up for the lost profit and reduce losses.

Night Hawk Expert Advisor, created by the DaVinci FX team and available on our website, is trading on the account.

5. Irrefutable



Total profitability: +209,54%
Monthly yield: +8,06%
Drawdown per month: 15,88%
Number of orders per month: 96
Profit factor: 1,51

The account confidently continues to exit the current drawdown with each day getting closer to the maximum, which was reached in February. The drawdown per month was big, but the income corresponds to the risk. We continue trading in the same spirit.

6. My Enlightenment



Total profitability: +174,95%
Monthly yield: +2.57%
Drawdown per month: 1.59%
Number of orders per month: 83
Profit factor: 1,93

The Expert Advisor updates the maximum of profitability from month to month. A smooth growth curve and the absence of significant drawdowns is the key to the success of a profitable account. And there is nothing more to add.

7. VelociRaptor



Total profitability: +576,05%
Monthly yield: -2,77%
Drawdown per month: 5,91%
Number of orders per month: 46
Profit factor: 0,73

May did not start as planned. In one day were closed deals, which together brought 6% of the loss. By the end of the month, it was possible to recover some of the losses, but as a result, the month was closed in deficit. As far as a trading strategy is concerned, everything is within acceptable limits, that is why I am not worried, I am confident in this trading system. I’ve been working on it for six years, so I’m waiting for the plateau of profitability, which may come soon.
The account is in the top 100 of the Alpari rating.


The month of May has shown very average trading results for our Expert Advisors. Knowing that the market can bring significant losses, we are carefully watching the work of our systems and make changes both in settings and in the program code of MQL4.

The first half of 2021 turned out to be very atypical in terms of price movements on the market. The systems that have been showing the ideal execution according to the test results in recent months have refused to bring the expected profit. But one way or another, we are confident in our programs and forces, so we continue to trade in the same spirit.

That’s all for now. Join us and make money together with the DaVinci FX Group team!

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