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Our Trading Report for March 2021

forex trader report

Hello everyone! Our DaVinci FX team continues to publish monthly reports on the performance of our Expert Advisors. Below is a brief overview of PAMM accounts and signals available for investing and copying.

You can find the general report for 2020 using this link.

Information about all our PAMM/Signals is available here.

Report on the profitability of PAMM accounts and signals.

1. Eternity/Shikari

forex отчет


Total profitability: +1507.19%
Monthly yield: +2.26%
Drawdown per month: 0.53%
Number of orders per month: 33
Profit factor: 3,13

Due to the market’s predisposition to grid trading in March, the account renewed its maximum yield and came out of a prolonged drawdown. All investors who have been in a difficult time for PAMM have covered their losses and are now making profits.
This PAMM is one of the oldest on Alpari with good overall growth dynamics. The risks remain the same, because the main goal of this strategy is to preserve and slowly increase the capital of both the manager and the investors.

The account is included in the TOP50 of the conservative rating of Alpari.

2. Firmum Fiduciam Motus

forex отчет


Total profitability: +346,41%
Monthly yield: +1.23%
Drawdown per month: 2,27%
Number of orders per month: 109
Profit factor: 1,14

Financial markets for the third month in a row continue to be in a state of turbulence. What affected the operation of scalping trading systems. The Firmum Fiduciam Motus trading account showed a modest result at the end of the month, but most importantly, it showed high resistance to both trading and non-trading factors. As a result, the drawdown was minimal. We reached a plateau, and then only the growth and renewal of new heights in terms of profitability!

3. New Generic

forex отчет


Total profitability: +118,95%
Monthly yield: +1,43%
Drawdown per month: 3,03%
Number of orders per month: 41
Profit factor: 1,13

The month of night trading began with rapid strides towards profit, but already in the middle of March, the yield curve changed its direction downward. As a result, monthly income was about 1.5%. This is a good result, but, of course, hopes were for a better result. We took everything that the market allowed as.
Having extensive experience in trading with night advisors, I can say that all this year the situation on my numerous accounts, where they are used, is not very pleasant. It can be seen that the market is changing, as evidenced by stagnation for three months. In turn, I slightly changed the settings of some pairs and disabled a couple for the better. In this regard, I am laying hopes that in April the former profitability will return to its normal course.

4. Night Hawk

forex отчет


Total profitability: +230,25%
Monthly yield: +1,98%
Drawdown per month: 3,56%
Number of orders per month: 57
Profit factor: 1,37

This account has been consistently demonstrating its results for more than two years. A distinctive feature of the account is the settings that change large unprofitable order grids into a negative closing zone. This method allows us to get losses when trading Martingale, but at the same time display a good growth curve due to quick profits from small grids.
As a result, we have an income of about 2% per month with small drawdowns. Subscribe and we continue to earn.

The account is traded by the Night Hawk EA, created by the DaVinci FX team and available on our website.

5. Irrefutable

forex отчет


Total profitability: +159,95%
Monthly yield: +4,97%
Drawdown per month: 7,9%
Number of orders per month: 107
Profit factor: 1,39

The account continues to come out of the drawdown in February at a moderate pace. The current month brought almost 5% profitability, which is not even a bad thing, considering that during this period the closing in the negative zone worked. I want to remind investors that this PAMM uses our invention – a Grid Expert Advisor with the function of closing large grids with a floating Stop Loss. Losses are limited both by hard exits when the specified drawdown percentage is reached, and by additional exits to the negative in various market situations, for example, when the price goes against the direction of orders without stopping.
Updating the maximum yield is planned for the next few months. Unfortunately, I cannot give exact terms, because the market volatility is impossible to predict.

6. My Enlightenment

forex отчет


Total profitability: +286,03%
Monthly yield: +2,42%
Drawdown per month: 2,01%
Number of orders per month: 78
Profit factor: 1,92

This PAMM account has been successfully trading since July 2016. It uses one of our first Expert Advisors to trade Martingale with a fixed Stop Loss. This approach allows not to lose all the money on the account, but on the contrary, to increase it with moderate risks. This Stop has already been triggered two times, but the drawdown has been eliminated over time.
In March, the account again updated its maximum yield and is now approaching the 300% mark, according to MyFxBook monitoring. Trading settings remain the same, because why touch something that already works well.

7. VelociRaptor

forex отчет


Total profitability: +593,95%
Monthly yield: +1,67%
Drawdown per month: 2,49%
Number of orders per month: 59
Profit factor: 1,12

Trading this month showed average results, but the dynamics of the account remained positive. This is one of the few PAMM accounts on Alpari that trade with a ruble deposit. The capital involved in trading is currently approaching the mark of 1 million rubles. The strategy remains the same, but the distribution of risks for some pairs has been changed depending on the profit factor. We continue to earn.

The account is included in the TOP50 of the conservative rating of Alpari.


Let’s summarize. March showed good trading results. The trading of Martingale systems was especially distinguished. Night advisors also made profit, but less than we expected. We dare to assume that now the market is in the stage of corrections and soon the movement of quotations will be similar to the picture that was in 2020. We have made many changes to the trading logic of many of the accounts; we will tell you about the results of this work in the April review.

That’s all, join and earn together with the DaVinci FX Group team!

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