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Our Trading Report for February 2021

trade report

Good day! We continue to maintain a monthly report on the performance of the advisors created by our DaVinci FX team. We provide an overview of PAMM accounts and signals available for your investment, and express thoughts on the results of trading.

You can find the general report for 2020 using this link.

Information about all our PAMM/Signals is available here.

Report on the profitability of PAMM accounts and signals.

1. Eternity/Shikari


Total profitability: +1470,65%
Monthly yield: +1,33%
Drawdown per month: –0.29%
Number of orders per month: 28
Profit factor: 5,56

In February, the trading account marks a round date, it is 7 years old! Seven is a lucky number in many countries around the world, so I will assume that it will bring good luck to this account too.
The trade continues to go steadily, without any major jumps. Profit and drawdown for a month, as always within the limits of conservative trading, I am not chasing huge percentages.
This year, I plan to finally get out of the current drawdown, update the maximum and start earning steadily with the help of my oldest PAMM account. Join us.

2. Firmum Fiduciam Motus


Total profitability: +339,53%
Monthly yield: +1.53%
Drawdown per month: –3,04%
Number of orders per month: 99
Profit factor: 1,18

Following the results of February, the Firmum Fiduciam Motus trading signal began its recovery after a not very successful start in 2021. It is worth noting that the markets at the beginning of the year were marked by an atypical stochastic movement and low volatility, which later changed into a surge, as well as the trend of the movement. This price behavior could not but affect the operation of trading algorithms, which were optimized on historical data with a different motor behavior of the price.

3. New Generic


Total profitability: +118,0%
Monthly yield: -0,49%
Drawdown per month: 5,82%
Number of orders per month: 35
Profit factor: 0.9

For the second month in a row, trading shows a negative result. In the second half of February, the EURCHF currency pair brought a loss. A symbol that performed well in 2020 now behaves extremely unpredictably. I made a decision to cut the risks for this instrument by half.
The final result for the month brought a minimum loss of -0.5%, so subscribers have nothing to worry about, trading remains extremely conservative. At the moment, this is the most reliable Expert Advisor created by our team and we believe in its profitability in the future.

4. Night Hawk


Total profitability: +223,39%
Monthly yield: +1,54%
Drawdown per month: -6.41%
Number of orders per month: 43
Profit factor: 1,49

The smooth growth curve in February was spoiled by the AUDCAD currency pair, which brought a loss of 6% and as a result, according to the rules of the trading system, the order grid was closed in a slight minus. By the end of the month, this did not prevent the account from showing a yield of 1.5%. The risk was within the system, so the settings remain unchanged. We continue to earn.

This account is using the Night Hawk EA.

5. Irrefutable


Total profitability: +146,76%
Monthly yield: -26,02%
Drawdown per month: -32,02%
Number of orders per month: 73
Profit factor: 0,3

Of all my PAMM trading systems, the Irrefutable account is the least fortunate. Unfortunately, the volatility of the EURCHF currency pair exceeded all expectations and amounted to about 300 points without any pullbacks. As I mentioned earlier, to prevent forced closure by Stop Out, this martingale uses a safety Stop Loss in the amount of about 30% of the deposit. This month it turned out, which, including profit, eventually brought a loss of -26%. Without a Stop, the account would most likely lose all funds invested by investors due to the strong movement of the currency pair.
This drawdown is not critical. Based on the statistics of the work of this EA, it will take 3-4 months to get out of it without overestimating the risks of future trading. Losses are part of the trading system, you have to accept them and wait for the maximum profitability to renew.

6. My Enlightenment


Total profitability: +275,91%
Monthly yield: +2,28%
Drawdown per month: -1,49%
Number of orders per month: 65
Profit factor: 1,98

At the end of the month, there was a strong movement in the market due to increased volatility for all major symbols. The drawdown was minimal, but the income exceeded the last month’s figures by 1.5 times and amounted to 2.3%. The account maximum has been updated again. We will continue to make money in March. The account is included in the TOP 50 of the conservative Alpari rating.

7. VelociRaptor


Total profitability: +569,03%
Monthly yield: +1,94%
Drawdown per month: -4,99%
Number of orders per month: 59
Profit factor: 1,09

The month started off briskly, the growth curve was showing excellent results, but by the middle of February the market seemed to have gone crazy and the well-measured trading system showed a negative trend. One way or another, at the end of the month, a profit of 1.94% was recorded, which is quite an acceptable result. Let’s see what the March will show us.

The account is included in the TOP50 of the conservative rating of Alpari.


Summing up, we can say that February showed average results in terms of profitability, like 2021 as a whole. We expect that market volatility will return to its previous course, which will allow us to generate income that covers losses on some accounts. We will draw conclusions about the changes in trade in March.

That’s all, join and earn together with the DaVinci FX Group!

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