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Zodiaq Robot Advisor is a 100% completely automated trading algorithm for MT4. The advisor’s strategy, embodied in the algorithm, is based on determining the level of support and resistance, as well as identifying the mood and direction of the market’s move in order to assess the movement impulse strength and the probability of its continuation. Trading from levels is clearly formalized and supported by fundamental factors. By virtue of the fact that pending orders are used to enter the position, and the average profitable / losing trade is 38-33 points and the average trade duration is 200 minutes, an absolutely high percentage of the test results compliance and the advisor’s work on a real trading account is achieved. Also, the adviser has a competent, intellectual capital management ability.

Our advisor is aimed at both beginner traders and more experienced conservative traders and investors who adequately assess the Forex trading risks.

The advisor DOES NOT use:
Martingale systems, averaging, hedging

Key benefits:

Completely automated

100% automated trading algorithm without manual intervention!

Indicator withdrawal filter

The indicator filter for premature withdrawal from a position allows you to record profits until the price reversal

Daily trading filter

Allows to eliminate unprofitable days of the week and receive only reliable entry signals, complementing the main strategy.

Complete compatibility

Operates with any MT4 brokers, including all trading accounts types, including ECN.

High predicative qualities

Proven in a real market through forward testing. This indicates the high trading advisor potential.

Money management system

The built-in intelligent money management system automatically calculates the necessary trading lot without the  trader’s intervention.

Trading result on a real account:

Monitoring processes do not need comments. No matter how good the backtest results are, they cannot guarantee the system profitability in the future. And only the work of a trading algorithm in the real market for a long period can speak for its value.

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Testing results



Zodiaq set portfolio results

Tests were conducted in the MT4 terminal using the Tick Data Suite software package, using a real spread and slippage emulation.

Backtest results analysis

Let us analyze the results of the back-test of settings for the EUR / USD currency pair included in the Zodiaq advisor set portfolio using the powerful QuantAnalyzer software product. During the testing period from 2010 – 2019, the trading algorithm generated 9504 profit points while the maximum drawdown was 347 points. As a result, we must calculate the recovery factor, a key statistical indicator for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the trading algorithm settings, which is determined by the ratio of absolute profit to the maximum drawdown for the whole test period, Recovery Factor is 27.4, which indicates a high recovery rate after drawdown.


A particular attention must be paid to the number of transactions for the whole backtest period, their number was 4351, which, for its part, indicates the high statistical significance of the testing. At the same time, the winnings percentage was 82%, this indicator is achieved by the use of a preventive filter of transferring positions to break-even.

The trading strategy built in the algorithm is based on the classical trading system from the levels and, according to the graph, the largest trading activity is observed closer to the middle of the week, when significant price levels and accumulations of pending orders of market participants are already formed.


This diagram confirms the abovementioned, the trading hours are fully consistent with the EUR / USD currency pair volatility chart, i.e. orders are opened at the moment of a surge in price movement volatility and actuation of the pending orders placed at significant trading levels in accordance with the applied trading strategy rules.

Now we are moving on to the most significant trading system assessment technique – Monte Carlo analysis, which provide a glimpse of ​​how reliable our strategy is and how vulnerable it is to the changes in market conditions. The historical results of the strategy give us an idea of ​​how the strategy behaved in the past and in some ways raised hopes in the future. However, the market may change in the future and therefore it is necessary to measure the strategy vulnerability to such changes as market cycles, the sequence of transactions, etc. We always use Monte Carlo analysis for this. This helps us get a real idea of ​​what we can expect from the strategy. According to the diagram below, the basic principle of Monte Carlo analysis is that many simulations are done, each time with some minor changes. The more simulations we do, the more reliable results we get. This analysis allows to trust the Zodiaq expert advisor backtests with high probability and highlights the high predictive qualities of the trading algorithm.

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To pay via Skrill, Neteller, Visa and other payment systems, please contact us by email at support@davinci-fx.com
​After payment, you must send your account number in the MT4 terminal via mail and we will send you the current advisor version tied to your account. A 30% discount applies to the purchase of the 2nd and subsequent copies.

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