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DaVinci FX Team Trading Report 2020

We welcome the reader to our “Blog” section, where we will share information about trading with our developed advisors, thoughts, goals and all related topics about the Forex market.

A long and not easy year for everyone is over. Now is the time to take stock of trading on our investment PAMM accounts, as well as signals, the list of which is available here.

The past 2020 marked a new era not only in the lives of most people, but also left its mark on the charts and quotes of most assets and financial instruments. At the same time, it should be noted that the general panic in the global financial markets generated a new vector of their development, created somewhat excellent conditions for trading and investing in general.

One of the main qualities of a successful trader is adaptability. The ability to thus adjust their actions and the work of trading algorithms in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of trading in changed trading conditions.

Report on the profitability of PAMM accounts and signals..

1. Eternity/Shikari


Total profitability: +1437.86%
Annual return: +26,3%
Maximum drawdown for the year: –6.87%
Number of trades per year: 504
Profit factor: 2.00

This account is the oldest in our team and has existed since February 2014. According to data from the Alpari website, the conditions of the declaration have never been violated on the PAMM account, it is included in the TOP 50 conservative accounts and brought income to more than 80% of investors. This year, every month was profitable and the drawdown did not exceed 7%. Investors’ income was $ 19,800. This account is moderately risky because it uses a grid system for opening orders. Investing is available both through PAMM and by subscribing to signals.

2. NEC ConvertebantuR


Total profitability: +278.65%
Annual return: +141.3%
Maximum drawdown for the year: -14.54%
Number of trades per year: 1016
Profit factor: 1.76

The NEC ConvertebantuR Pamm account represents a moderately conservative approach to Forex trading. It is based on a pool of trading systems using stop orders. The initially chosen strategy for managing this PAMM account made it possible at the end of the year to show high profitability with a relatively low level of drawdown. During the year, only two months were closed with an insignificant loss not exceeding 2%. And despite the low assets of the funds invested by investors, he earned over $ 7,300 in profit for the year. This PAMM account is especially attractive for investors who adequately assess the risks of trading in the Forex market. And in the context of the policy pursued by the Forex broker Alpari, aimed at promoting its high-risk managers with a short account life to the first lines of its rating, this PAMM is especially attractive.

3. New Generic


Total profitability: +127.19%
Annual return: +131.32%
Maximum drawdown for the year: -13.33%
Number of trades total: 617
Profit factor: 1.56

Our Expert Advisor Sunshine, which we finished testing at the end of 2019, is trading on this account, and since January 2020 it has been working steadily on a real account. This is a night EA that closes positions with small targets in the Asian session. And although the Profit Factor value is not so high, this system brought income steadily. For the last 8 months in a row, trading has been a plus. In total for the year, the profit exceeded all expectations, while trading with very conservative risks. The average length of holding a position in the market was 7 hours and 22 minutes. The percentage of profitable trades is 83%. The work on the account will continue with the same settings and risks, we see no reason to change what works well.

For better signal copying, we recommend using the services of RannFx or IC Markets brokers.

4. Night Hawk


Total profitability: +209.95%
Annual return: +38.51%
Maximum drawdown for the year: -18.36%
Number of trades per year: 806
Profit factor: 1.59

This account is traded by the Night Hawk Expert Advisor, well known to our subscribers. It makes no sense to dwell on his work in this report. But it is worth clarifying that the grid of orders in the advisor has the ability to close in negative territory when a large number of open deals are reached. This can be seen in February and September this year. As a result, the profit was not very big, but twice the annual drawdown. This real account is a direct confirmation that the Night Hawk Expert Advisor is able to trade Forex profitably and with moderate risks.

5. Firmum Fiduciam Motus


Total profitability: +347.43%
Annual return: +32.03%
Maximum drawdown for the year: -3.73%
Number of trades per year: 934
Profit factor: 1.47

The Firmum Fiduciam Motus trading account is also the second oldest in the DaVinciFX GROUP team’s portfolio. His trading history is in many ways a reflection of the development of the team, the development of new trading systems and algorithms, their optimization and approach to testing. It is these accounts that are vivid confirmation and evidence for those skeptics who claim that it is not possible to trade profitably in the Forex market. With an annual result of 32% profit, the drawdown was below 4%, which indicates a high Recovery factor of trading systems used on this trading account. It is also worth noting that the signal of this account is included in the top 3 ratings of the MQL website and throughout the year it takes the 1st place in the rating for reliability.

6. Irrefutable


Total profitability: +203.92%
Maximum drawdown for the year: -22.77%
Number of trades per year: 807
Profit factor: 1.56

The trading account is not yet a year old, but it has already exceeded 200% profitability. The clever combination of a grid of orders with a floating stop loss makes this system moderately aggressive with a maximum possible loss of 30%. Moreover, profitability here is limited only by the opportunities that the market provides. As you can see from the report, it varied from -2.59% to 48.71% per month. The total profit of over 200% per year is a very strong result and we will try to keep the bar in the future.

7. Synergy motus


Total profitability: +47.41%
Annual return: +44.23%
Maximum drawdown for the year: -6.69%
Number of trades per year: 1048
Profit factor: 1.21

A relatively young Synergy motus account was launched in September 2019 on the platform of the dynamically developing European broker Darwinex. But for such a short period of its existence, it entered the top 3 ratings of this broker by D-Score – an aggregate indicator of the quality of trade, which was developed by the platform itself and includes 12 indicators of trade on the account. At the same time, it should be noted that the Darwinex company has created favorable conditions for both trading and investment.

8. My Enlightenment


Total profitability: +261.8%
Annual return: +23.63%
Maximum drawdown for the year: -4.56%
Number of trades per year: 945
Profit factor: 1.72

This account has existed since 2016 and profitably uses the Martingale system in combination with a fixed Stop Loss. This Stop has worked only 2 times in the entire history of the account. And although the losses were high, the adviser eventually passed these sections and reached the peak of profitability. At the moment, the chart is directed strictly to the northeast and brings profit to investors almost every day. Each month this year brought from 0.1 to 3.97 percent, while the maximum drawdown was no more than 5%, which makes this account one of the most conservative grid advisors.


In conclusion, I would like to note that trading this year was not easy, there were moments of ups and downs, but in total, all accounts brought profit for this year, both for us and our investors and subscribers.

In setting goals and key benchmarks for 2021, we will also be guided by the principles of maximum security and the highest possible high profitability of our accounts and trading systems. Work on new developments and improvement of existing automated trading algorithms is constantly being carried out non-stop. Naturally, many more terminals are open on our VPS servers and more automated systems are trading. But the purpose of this article is to show you the best ones. The market never stands still, it develops and we develop together with it.

Join and earn with the DaVinci FX Group team!

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