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RoboForex – a robo broker for robot trading

robotic broker for robot trading

The history of RoboForex began in 2009. In the same year it obtained the IFSC license (number IFSC / 60/271 / TS).

Since its appearance in the retail services market, the RoboForex Ltd group of companies stood out for its first-class trading conditions to provide private traders with the opportunity to enter the market, while applying high-tech developments. Robo Forex is an international Forex broker that provides the ability to trade various types of assets and financial tools. This broker is rightfully stand out for its variety of services provided in the field of Internet trading with various financial tools.

At the moment, the RoboForex Ltd group of companies is the most dynamically developing broker in the market of retail services in forex trading and trading in other derivative products. This is confirmed by the data presented:

The customer funds security is ensured due to programs developed by RoboForex:

  • Regulated activities – the company’s activities in the financial markets are regulated by a license granted by IFSC.
  • Protection against negative balance – at a time of high market volatility, RoboForex resets the client’s account balance when it is impossible to maintain a positive account balance.
  • The Financial Commission Compensation Fund is a kind of insurance fund created by members of the financial commission for resolving disputes between a trader and a broker. The coverage amount can reach 20,000 €.
  • Civil liability insurance program – a unique product in the field of trading in the financial markets which allows to insure civil liability with a limit of 5,000,000 €.

Beginning of the work

In order to start trading via the RoboForex broker, you need to register on the official company website. Pass the verification by sending scanned copies of documents. After its passing, you will open all the possibilities of your personal account. Let’s look at the number of platforms that this broker offers to work with:

  • MetaTrader 4 – a classic trading terminal from MetaQuotes, currently the most popular trading terminal for transactions on the international interbank foreign Forex exchange market. The terminal is a comprehensive application, both for trading and for making trading decisions by means of technical and fundamental analysis. For these purposes, standard indicators and scripts are already installed in the MT4 terminal. Also it is possible to track economic news that have a direct impact on the movement of financial tools.
  • MetaTrader 4 mobile app – this solution is primarily suitable for the most dynamic and mobile traders, allowing to trade from anywhere in the world with the usual interface. The application can be installed on any iOS and Android.
  • The cTrader platform is an excellent solution for more experienced and advanced traders, it allows to access the “depth” of the second-level market (Level II Pricing). First of all, the advantage of this trading platform is the trade orders execution speed.
  • R-Trader web platform allows to access all world markets from the one web interface screen.
  • RoboForex terminals – an own development of the RoboForex Ltd group of companies which havs a number of trading benefits and also allows to trade via different devices and gadgets.

After you decide which p trading terminal will you use for financial tools trading, you will need to replenish of the trading account. Below w will talk about the methods of replenishing and withdrawing funds earned from trading.

Methods of replenishing and withdrawing funds

RoboForex offers a variety of ways of replenishing funds to your trading account. However, the transfer fee is always 0% both for deposits and withdrawals. RoboForex covers all the transaction costs.


Bank transfer



Electronic transfer


Bank card


Cash & Vouchers


Funds withdrawal:

Bank payments


Electronic transfers


Bank card


As you may see from the materials presented, RoboForex has a wide variety of ways to replenish and withdraw funds. In turn, this is evidence that the company’s activities are absolutely transparent and legal.

Analytics and tutorial

A whole section is devoted for beginners on the Roboforex broker website. Training webinars are held on various topics on aspects in financial markets trading, including automated trading. The archive of past webinars is stored on the site.

RoboForex also offers its clients free access to analytical material, in particular, Forex forecasts, a calendar of economic events, as well as a specially developed RoboForex Analytics Center application. It accumulates all the available information about the trends in the financial markets.

Investment Solutions from RoboForex

The company has developed its own social trading system CopyFX, which allows you to copy transactions and entire strategies of successful and profitable traders, thereby maximizing and diversifying your own positive trading results.

If you have good profit indicators and an attractive profitability chart, you can try opening a CopyFX trading account and deliver your signals through it, your income will consist of a custom commission for each trading lot from a subscriber. You can open a CopyFX account and decide on the results of trading whether you will deliver signals that can provide additional income to both you and the subscribers.

Our trading experience at RoboForex

We have been trading via this broker for several years. During this time, we have developed only the most positive opinion about RoboForex. Firstly we would like to note the excellent trading conditions, first of all for automated systems and advisors, the word Robo appears in the company name not in vain. An undeniable advantage is the ability to increase leverage up to 1: 2000, especially for traders who use the grid of orders and martingale trading, this option is also available on cent accounts. Also we should note that the cent accounts of this broker have a certain feature which consists in the minimum open order volume, it is 0.1 lots. Be sure to consider this when trading grid advisors.

If the user has more than $ 300 on the account and the turnover exceeds 3 full lots per month, then Roboforex provides a VPS server for free. It is weak, but its performance should be enough for 1 or 2 terminals, the main condition is that the balance does not go below 300 dollars. It is allowed to use only the Roboforex broker terminals. But we would like to note that we advise using the recommended VPS for better trading because these are specialized companies that are based specifically on the provision of this service, their ping is much lower, the technical support will always help you and you can not be afraid of unplanned system reboots.

Trading conditions and orders execution are at a high level. Spreads are relatively low. That allows to expect positive trading results when using trading systems with the scalping approach. To confirm our words, we collected statistics on the spread changes for the EUR / USD pair on a real trading account using our written DaVinci Spread Detected indicator. The spread change data in the form of a histogram is presented below.

As you may see from the EUR / USD pair data on a real cent trading account, the average spread value p is equal to 1.6 pp. At the same time, this indicator will be lower on accounts with ECN technology.

To sum up: the pros and cons of the RoboForex broker

To summarize all of the above, it is safe to say that the RoboForex broker will be your faithful partner and guide to the world of financial markets trading. This will be followed by excellent trading conditions, advanced technologies and innovative programs used by the RoboForex Ltd group of companies. First of all, this broker has excellent robot advisors based on the principles of an orders grid and martingale trading, but scalping advisors will also show positive results on ECN accounts.

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