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Information indicator with Email Alert and InfoPanel


DaVinci’s multifunctional free information indicator is An email Alert and InfoPanel. Traders using a large number of currency pairs or set trading systems with averaging or Martingale will be especially useful. It is also just as convenient as an informant with the ability to send a message to the mail.

The following functions:

  • Calculates the drawdown of the deposit on equity and sends e-mail messages to the user if it is larger than indicated in the settings. Displays drawdown as a percentage, and in the currency of the deposit on the current pair and the total.
  • Sends a message to the mail when you reach the specified number of open orders on the current pair or total.
  • Shows the price and value in points before MarginCall, both on the current chart and throughout the account as a whole, if several pairs participate in the trade. Convenient to use if you are trading a grid of orders to understand the acceptable range of trading. Knowing this data you can take the necessary steps in advance to avoid the complete loss of the deposit.
  • Displays the total trading lot on the current pair and the entire account as a whole;
  • Shows the distance to the nearest TakeProfit and Stop Loss orders on the current chart.

Read more about setting up a message to the post office from the terminal on the official website of the MQL5

Indicator settings:

<==== Main Options ====>
Send Email: Max DrawdownThe set value of the drawdown, when reaching which will be sent an email to the mail. At 0 – off.
Choose Symbol To Send DD EmailChoosing to account for orders to send a drawdown notification: only the current symbol or all open orders on the market.
Send Email: Max Open Orders SymbolThe maximum value of open orders for the current currency pair, above which will be sent e-mail to the mail. At 0 – off.
Send Email: Max Open Orders TotalThe maximum value of open orders in the amount in the account above which the e-mail will be sent to the mail. At 0 – off.
CountPendingOrdersConsider the number of orders deferred.
Show Margin CallThe graph will show MarginCall lines and their values if the setting is in a true position.
Show Lot InfoDisplay the value of the total trading lot by pair and all orders on the account.
Show Near TP&SLDisplay information about the remaining number of items to TakeProfit/Stop Loss nearest order.
<===== Notification Options ====>
Show AlertShow the alert on the chart when you reach the specified percentage of drawdown, or the number of open orders.
Send NotificationSend notification to mobile terminals whose Meta-uotes ID is listed in the Settings window on the Notifications tab.
<====== Design Options =====>
Label Corner PositionChoose the location of information at the corners of the screen.
DrawdownColor, MarginCallColor, LotsInfoColor, TPInfoColorText data color settings: drawdown, margin call, lot information and target color.
Show lable on chartDisplay a text label on a chart above candles when sending messages.

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