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СloseByTime – time closing indicator

Indicator for closing orders by time

The assistant adviser serves for one single purpose: closing orders at the specified time. Often there is a situation where the EA you are using does not have the built-in order closing function at the right time, or you are trading manually and do not want the order to remain open for the weekend, either before the next rollover or before any trading session. This is where this EA will help you. For the user’s convenience, the forced closing time is displayed by a vertical line on the graph.

There are two ways to set time: in the EA settings or by moving the line to the schedule. It is worth considering that when moving the line manually to the value of the past time, the orders will close immediately, so it is worth carefully handling this tool.

The EA can take into account both market and deferred orders. In the settings, you can set a specific character, order direction, and magic number, or take into account all current orders.

An additional possibility is to close the order only if its profit exceeds the specified value in the settings in the deposit currency. After closing the next order, the line will automatically move several bars forward, you can at any time prohibit the closure, or specify a new time in the settings.

Comments on the left on the graph will tell you which settings are now activated.

Indicator settings:

> > > EA Settings < < < Main EA Settings
Close Open OrdersAllow market orders to be closed after the time specified on the vertical line chart has passed.
Delete Pending OrdersAllow the removal of pending orders after passing the time specified on the vertical line chart.
Closing SymbolThe name of the currency pair, which will be taken into account when forced closure. All will close all currency pairs.
Closing Order TypeChoosing the direction of orders for closing/removal. All will take into account all orders, buy – buy order for closing market orders and buy stop orders, buy limit for deferred. The same is the same for sales.
Consider Order ProfitTake into account the profit of the closed order.
Closing Order ProfitThe value of the profit in the deposit currency at which the order will be closed when the Order Profit is true. It could be negative.
MagicNumber (-1 = All)The value of a specific number magician for closed orders. For manual orders, the value should be 0, and all orders must be taken into account at -1.
Close Terminal afterThe function closes the terminal after passing the specified time so that the third-party EA can not open additional orders in your absence.
> > > Other Settings < < < Additional Advisor Settings
Line ColorThe color of the vertical line on the graph
Line StyleVertical line display style. Works only if Line Width is 1
Line WidthVertical line thickness
Show CommentsDisplay information in the top left corner of the graph
SlippageMaximum slippage, which allows you to close orders.

Simplicity is the key to success!

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