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Candle closing time indicator – DaVinci CandleCloseTime

Candle time indicator

Today we would like to present you the DaVinci CandleCloseTime indicator, created by our DaVinci FX team. This tool allows you to see on the chart the exact time remaining until the current candle closes. It performs an exclusively informational function, and its main task is to simplify the user’s work.

Candle time indicator overview

The program is very simple in its purpose and performs one, specific function – displaying the estimated time on the graph, namely:

  • Time remaining before the candle closes
  • Time when the current (active) candle closes
  • Terminal current time.

The first parameter User symbols list allows you to select a list of pairs, specified by the user, separated by commas, which will be displayed in one window. If it is left blank, then all pairs from the ‘Market Watch’ window will be taken into account.

The Exceptions list parameter configures the list of exceptions. Using it, you can set up currency pairs and symbols that do not need to be taken into account when displayed in one chart window; they must also be specified separated by commas.


All three text labels have flexible settings, namely: enable / disable, show / hide unnecessary text, adjust size, font and color. The indicator can be displayed in any of the four corners of the chart.

The ability to select the required calculation timeframe in the settings will allow you to work on a chart of one period, and receive information from another.

An additional useful function is the ability to notify the user about the imminent closing of the candle when the remaining time in seconds is less than specified in the settings.

алерт форекс

The data is updated strictly every second and does not depend on the time when new quotes appear. You can download the indicator using the link at the end of the article.

Indicator settings:

<==== Main Settings ====> Basic indicator settings
Choose TimeFrame Select a timeframe for calculating indicator data from the list
Show time until candle closes Show time label for the current candle close
Show candle closing time Show the future closing time of the current candle
Show current time Display current terminal time
Show text on labels Display text for each of the three labels. If disabled, only objects with numbers will be created.
Font Size Label font size
Font Name Label font name
Choose chart corner Angle selection for graphic objects
<==== Notifications ====> Notification settings
Seconds before notification The number of seconds left before the candle closes when notifications will be activated. At 0 – off.
Send Alert Send an alert to the screen
Play Sound Play sound file by default
Send E-mail Send email notification
Send Notification Send notification to Meta Trader app
<==== Colors ====> Graphics color settings
Lable Color: time until candle closes Color of the graphical object for calculating the time until the candle closes
Lable Color: candle closing time Color of the graphical object of the closing time of the current candle
Lable Color: current time Color of the graphic object of the current time of the terminal


таймер форекс

The indicator that calculates the remaining time before the candle closes is needed primarily by people working with small Timeframes (from M1 to M5). It will also be much easier for daily traders to look at the time remaining before their trade on the screen than to calculate it manually. DaVinci CandleCloseTime is very simple to use, it has a number of simple settings and was created solely to improve the trading performance of each trader.

Keep it simple

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