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Price Notification Indicator for crossing the user’s line

User Line Crossing Notification Indicator

The information Forex indicator was created to notify the trader that the price crossed a predetermined price using a graphic line.

It is convenient when several charts are open at once and monitoring all financial instruments becomes problematic, or you cannot be at the computer at the moment. Using this indicator, you can set the price of your interest and make a decision after you receive a notification.

There are two types of lines in the settings::

  1. Horizontal lines that can be set at important price points, such as round, psychological levels, or support or resistance levels.
  2. Trend lines, so that you can use them to build the direction of the trend, as well as graphic patterns of Price Action: Flag, Wedge, Pennant, etc..

For ease of use, all lines are pre-divided into two types: Buy and Sell. There is no difference between them, they only signal the type of future transaction that the trader has chosen. The notification will let you know which line has crossed and in which direction it is worth opening a deal.

The intersection is taken into account in three ways:

  1. Immediately: When the Bid price at the current tick has become higher / lower than the specified line in relation to the previous price, i.e. crossed the line.
  2. Once a candle: When the price touched the line, but the candle closed without crossing this line, i.e. there was a touch of the level with the tail followed by a rollback of the price. The notification comes only after closing the current candle.
  3. Once a candle: When the candle crossed the line, i.e. the bullish candle opened below the line, closed above, and the bearish opened above the line, closed below. The notification comes only after closing the current candle.

The Indicator has 4 built-in notification options after crossing: print to the magazine, alert on the screen, send e-mail or notifications to the phone.

When the line is crossed by the price, its color changes to gray and it is deactivated. To turn it on, you need to delete it and reinstall it on the chart using the auxiliary buttons.

For the convenience of visual determination of the intersection, text labels are displayed on the graph.

Indicator Settings:

<==== Main Options ====> Basic indicator settings
Send Information Option Select accounting option for notifications:
– Now: Price Cross Line (every tick) When the price immediately crossed a given line.
– Candle Close: High/Low Cross Line When the bullish candle closed above the user line and its low was below this line, or when the bearish candle and its closing was below the line, and high above.
– Candle Close: Uptake Line When the bullish candle opened below the line and closed above, the bearish candle opened above the line and closed below.

Take Account Of Gap – take into account geps. If on Monday there was a gap who set the opening price of the current candle above the line, when the closing price of the previous candle was below the line, or vice versa, a notification will come. Works in conjunction with the main notification.

<==== Extra Options ====> Additional settings
Print Massage Log message output.
Send Alert Alert output.
Send Email Send e-mail to mail. It works if you have configured SMTP.
Send Notification Send a notification to the phone if the terminal and phone are connected to the MQL5 website.
<====Design Options====> Color Settings
Show Chart Info Lables Display graphic labels on a chart.
Line Width The width of the specified lines.
Horizon Line Color Buy The color of the horizontal line that defines the purchases.
Horizon Line Color Sell The color of the horizontal line that defines sales.
Trend Line Color Buy The color of the trend line that defines purchases.
Trend Line Color Sell

The color of the trend line that defines sales.Резюме

We can say with confidence that the presented Price Notification Indicator indicator will be an excellent assistant to a professional trader who not only exploits manual trading, but also prefers semi-automatic or fully automatic trading in financial markets.

Simplicity is the key to success!

[download url=”http://www.davinci-fx.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Price-Notification-Ind.rar” title=”Download for free”]

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