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Alarm clock indicator – don’t oversleep your orders

Very often there is a moment when a trader, be it a beginner or an experienced professional, due to human factors forgets the timing. The consequence of this may be a missed entry signal or a late closed order at an unwanted price. In order not to miss an important moment in trading, we have created a light but functional alarm indicator, the sole purpose of which is to remind the trader of his duties.

Description of the Alert Clock indicator

The Alert Clock indicator was created by our team of traders for traders. This tool draws a vertical line on the chart along the timeline that marks the required time to alert the user.

By placing the line to the right of the current candlestick, you can see the text that contains the countdown time until the price crosses this area.

We used a similar counting method in our indicator DaVinci FX СloseByTime, the essence of which was to close a custom order after a specified time. But what if the user does not need to close the order, but only needs a notification? For this, our indicator was created!

Notifications are divided into standard ones: sending a message to the mail, pushing a message to the phone, an alert on the screen, and special sound notifications. The indicator code contains six different sound files to choose from, which will suit even the most demanding music lover. If you do not need a sound notification, you can simply turn it off and leave the alert.

At the same time, the indicator is distinguished by its variability in the choice of the method of notifying the trader, initially it is an alert in the Meta Trader 4 terminal itself, as well as very convenient sending an e-mail message and a notification to the phone, will not allow you to miss an important event on the market.

The indicator is flexible for setting the interval: if the user needs to be notified once an hour, then it can be set on the hourly chart by moving the line to the desired distance. If after 7 minutes – open the M1 chart and move the line 7 bars to the right of the current open candle. If the line cannot be manually set to the desired value, then the exact notification time up to a second can be set in the indicator settings.

The type of vertical line can be set in the settings: select the required width and color.

Indicator Settings: 

< EA Settings > 
Alarm Time The time when the alarm should go off. You can set through this setting, or move the line to the desired time on the chart.
Sound Signal Select a sound for the alarm.
– Alarm ringing Ring
– Enemy alarm Alert
– Industrial Claxon Industrial horn
– Bell ringing Ringing the bell
– Rooster Crow Rooster cry
– Alarm beep Short beep sound
– Off Off
Show Alert Display an alert on the screen.
Send Email Send a message by e-mail.
Send Notification Send notification to phone.
< Other Settings > 
Line Color The color of the vertical line, at the crossing of which candles the alarm will be activated.
Line Style Choice of line drawing style: solid, dotted, dot-dotted, etc.
Line Width Line width. If the thickness is more than 1, the line drawing will always be solid


A very simple but useful tool will help you not to oversleep the time to enter the market, or an important signal of a decision. We hope this and other products of our team will be useful to you!

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