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Christmas script – Snowflakes

Today, we decided to update our database with an unusual script. On the eve of the New Year, the thought arose, why not make something festive using the MT4 terminal and the MQL4 programming language, and at the same time absolutely useless in terms of trading. Why not dilute the rest of our useful software with some trifle?

This is how the idea for the Snowflakes script came about: to upgrade the open source code for simulating snowflakes available on the web with our additions.

– “What does this script do, what is its peculiarity?”

Our answer: all it does is simply launch an animated whirlwind of snowflakes on the screen of your chart in the terminal. Yes, that’s all, New Year is coming soon! In addition, it contains the author’s FunMode, which was also created just to see various interpretations of graphical objects in the terminal.


Count Number of snowflakes on the screen in pieces
Size Average snowflake size
FunMode If false, there will be only a swirl of snowflakes. If true – not only 🙂

An example of the script:

Install the script on the chart by transferring it or through the “Navigator” window. You will see the following animation:

The open source code of the script can be downloaded from the link below.

That’s all for today. We congratulate all traders in advance on the upcoming holidays! We hope that this code will distract you from your worries and basic affairs for a minute, and will cheer you up. Profit and positive!

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