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Test order open time – script for calculate the order opening time

Script for calculating the time of opening an order

If you are actively engaged in scalping (the method of trading, when the target of the trader are only a few points, and the time of retention of the order can be from a few ticks for a couple of minutes), but the speed of opening the order is a priority for you.

It is for this purpose that we created the DaVinci Test order script open time to calculate the speed of execution of the trader’s position in the market.

The script issues deferred orders 5 times in a row at a distance of 100 points from the current price (to avoid their activation), remembers the time before the order is opened and after, and gives you the difference for each order separately and the average arithmetic. The program also additionally remembers the spread with which the orders were opened.

This script has no settings.

An example of how the script works:

The script is transferred, as usual, by the mouse to the graph, or with the right mouse button – Execute on the graph. Then there will be a consistent opening and closing of orders, after which you can read the information we are interested in in the journal:

In this example, we’ve opened orders for the NZDCAD currency pair, and the screenshot shows the values for both each individual attempt and the average.

The resulting data can be compared to the ping value of your broker’s servers in the bottom right corner of the screen and, if necessary, change the server from the list to a faster one.

If the speed of execution is critical for you, it may be worth thinking about changing the broker, if the data turned out to be high. As an additional option, you can consider trading on VPS servers if their actual location is closer to the broker’s servers than your place of trading.

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