Show Symbol Breakeven – script for calculating the breakeven of several orders

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This script is a very simple form of our Breakeven Definer advisor. Its main purpose is to show you the level at which the income of your orders will be zero, taking into account all the swaps and commissions paid.

The script is recommended to be used only if you have opened more than one order on the current currency pair, otherwise it will simply show the price of opening the order. If your orders are completely in the “castle”, then the break-even will be impossible to calculate. In all other cases, he can easily cope with his task.

An example of how the script works:

Set a script on the CHART on the currency GBPAUD, where in the market are four orders opened by a stream martingale.

The script will show you the break-even level with a pop-up message, as well as display it on the graph in the form of a yellow line with the label “breakeven”. Knowing this value, we can move Stop Loss to a lucrative basket of orders for this value and avoid losses, or if the grid is now in the red – then transfer Take Profit to this value with a slight indentation to plus, to quickly close the order data and get a small but profit.

Simplicity is the key to success!

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