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Open pending orders by drop price – script opening orders by user price

Script for opening an order at the price at which it is set

Today we invite you to familiarize yourself with our next trading tool for the terminal Meta Trader 4: Open pending orders by drop price. This is a script for opening pending orders at the price at which it will be transferred, or in the common people “thrown.”

As you know, the script is the easiest to run, transferring it by mouse from the navigation window directly to the graph. We couldn’t help but take this opportunity to help with this transfer in trade. Now that we need to open a pending order like STOP or LIMIT, we just “throw” the script at the price and currency pair we need.

After the transfer, the settings window will open, where you can choose the type of deferred order, its Stop Loss and Take Profit, risk percentage, etc.

For more convenient trading of deferred and market orders, we also offer you to use our DaVinci Trade Helper

Script settings:

Order Type Type of deferred order: Stop or Limit (Buy or Sell direction is selected automatically, depending on price)
Open Price The price set by the user at which the order will be opened. If the price is 0, then the opening will occur at the price where the mouse was installed script
Take Profit Taik Profit deferred orders in old paragraphs
Stop Loss Stop Loss Deferred Orders in Old Paragraphs
Lot Trading lot for the opening order
Auto Risk At a value of more than 0, the lot will be calculated in a given percentage of the risk from the deposit, provided that Stop Loss at the order will be installed in the settings.
Magic Number The magic order number you want to set the order.
Order Comment User comment for deferred order

An example of how the script works:

Let’s move the script to the graph (the mouse indicates the place of installation):

We want to open a Sell Stop order at the chosen price (i.e. our price is below the current price, the stop order can only open on Sell) with a goal of 20 points and a stop loss equal to 50 points, the risk on the deal should be 2 from the deposit, the magic number 1111 and the comment “DaVinci FX”:

All, the Sell Stop order with a trading lot of 0.33 and specified targets in anticipation of activation.

Simplicity is the key to success!

[download url=”http://www.davinci-fx.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/DaVinci-Open-pending-orders-by-drop-price.rar” title=”Download for free”]

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  • would you consider Having a Function to put Number of Orders to be opened; say for example i want to Open 10 Buy Orders on a currency pair, then i will just type on: NumberOfOrders: 10


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