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Terminal info script – display information about trading account

Script for displaying information about a trading account

A simple script to display all available information about the trading terminal in a separate window. It is useful to see all the available information in one window at a time.

Shows information about:

  • The time when the last tick was;
  • Highest High and Lowest Low last day;
  • Ask Price, Bid;
  • Point to find out how many decimal points a trading pair has;
  • Current spread;
  • Stop Level of Level Of Level of Level Of Level of Level and Frieze Level;
  • The size of the contract in the basic currency of the instrument
  • Trading tick volume;
  • Minimum step of changing the price of the tool in points;
  • The size of the swap for purchases and sales and the method of calculating it;
  • Is trade allowed for this pair;
  • Minimum, maximum trading lot and its minimum step.
  • Initial collateral requirements for 1 lot
  • The amount of collateral to support open orders
  • The amount of free funds needed to open 1 lot to buy

This script does not have settings, it just needs to be set on a schedule.

An example of how the script works:

[download url=”http://www.davinci-fx.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/DaVinci-Terminal-info-script.rar” title=”Download for free”]

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