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Script for opening market orders with given Magic Number

Script for opening market orders with a given Magic Number

This script is used to make it easier to open a deal with user-set data. The ability to set Magic Number is useful when you need a third-party eA to pick up a manual lye order from a trader, for example, to interfere with the trading of an EA. Each EA uses an individual majuk number, this script will allow any EA to count the user’s order as his own.

The self-commenting feature will help you find this order from all others right away, especially when there are a lot of trade orders.

The script can also automatically calculate the required trading lot, depending on the risk the user has in percentage and Stop Loss.

Script settings:

Magic Number The required magic number to open the order. If you put it equal to 0, this order will be considered as open manually.
Order Comment A comment that will be assigned to an open order.
Choose Order Direction Choosing the direction of the order being opened: to buy or sell.
Lot A trading lot for the order to be opened.
Auto Risk At a value of more than 0, the trading lot will be calculated in a given percentage of the risk from the deposit, provided that Stop Loss at the order will be installed.
Slippage Slipping orders in old paragraphs
Take Profit The size of Take Profit in old items
Stop Loss The size of Stop Loss in old items

An example of how the script works:

Set a script with these settings:

Magic number is 1111, comment “DaVinci FX,” risk 5 on the deal.

This order is immediately visible among other orders due to a comment with the name of our team, as well as with a trading lot of 0.79, which at this value Stop Lossa will be approximately 5 losses for the balance of $4,461 if this drawdown is achieved. As you can see, the targets of the warrant were also exposed. Now, if you want to close this order, you can easily do it with our script Close all trading orders,specifying your installed magician.

It is also convenient to use the script to “suck” your orders to other advisers. For example, you have an advisor who opens orders, accompanies the transaction and exits it by filters. You can see that now there is a signal in the market, throw a script with the magic of this EA, as soon as the orders are opened, the installed EA will immediately begin to accompany him in the market and close when he has his signal.

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