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CHOCOPING – VPS from the leader of the industry

CHOCOPING - виртуальный выделенный сервер от лидера отрасли

VPS (virtual dedicated server) is a must-have tool for high-quality and fast work in trading. A specialized virtual server is designed to enable trading 24/7/365, you transfer the work of trading advisers to a remote VPS server and free yourself from the necessity of constant trading process monitoring. The only server reboot is possible during its update which is relatively rare, during the holiday, when the Forex market is closed and you will be notified about this by e-mail and in your personal account. The virtual server provides non-stop trading platforms operation, such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), ZuluTrade and others and also increases the order execution speed, which is especially important for short-term transactions (scalping and pipsing strategies).

The market offers many services with different capabilities and price offers. It is advisable to pay attention to the recommendations of Forex traders, the cost of services, stability of work and their speed in order to choose a more reliable one.

One of the companies preferred by us is the CHOCOPING service. Their data centers are located on such financial market giants as London, new York and Amsterdam. Of course, the London server is the most popular among them, as there are trading servers of 80% of Forex brokers, orders are quickly executed, delays and slippages are almost impossible due to their close location. In short, the closer the VPS server is to your forex broker server, the less slippage during the orders execution is possible. Due to the convenient location of its servers, CHOCOPING provides the lowest ping to 0 m/s which significantly improves the trade transactions quality.

CHOCOPING service has passed the test of time and now it is one of the most popular services among Forex traders. It is important to use reliable tools and rent a VPS server configured for your tasks because Forex trading involves working with large amounts of money. CHOCOPING has several independent communication channels, provides an ultrafast Internet channel with minimal ping, each server is isolated and protected and all information is copied to the backup storage on the basis of modern SSD drives. All these conditions require certain costs so the cost of CHOCOPING services is higher than the price of some of its competitors but a good discount will be provided if you pay for use for a quarter, half-year or the whole year and the longer the period, the higher will be the discount:

  • quarter – 5% discount
  • half-year – 10% discount
  • year – 15% discount


CHOCOPING offers 4 tariffs types presented below:

The choice of tariff depends on the number of your terminals. If you work with one terminal, then you will not need a large RAM and you can safely choose the lowest tariff, but if you work with a large terminals number, then more RAM is necessary, so you need to purchase the other tariff.

To rent a VPS server, you need to register your personal account at the https://ru.chocoping.com/ website, choose a tariff, payment term and pay it in the most convenient way for you. After that an access to a remote desktop will be given, where independent management of your VDS / VPS in your account on the website will be provided to you.

This service offers English speaking support. In case of any problem, a ticket is created in a special menu on the website, which the user independently assigns a level of urgency and importance. After that, the service desk will solve the problem as quickly as possible.


Despite the higher rental cost in comparison with some other companies, CHOCOPING is the most popular service for VPS server provision, especially among professional traders, as it offers the most reliable connection, ultra-low ping, expert-level support, modern equipment and everything you need for successful automated trading in financial markets. The use of this service has largely determined our success in automated trading.

If you use long-term trading and its result does not depend on the order execution speed, then this is the only reason why you should consider using another service, which possibly has a more competitive price.

If you work with Russian brokers, then in the next article we will offer you another VPS server tested by us, follow the link RU VDS.

Thank you for reading the article, we will be happy to answer any of your questions, text our support team, we will not leave a single letter unanswered.

It is time to start earning money with DaVinciFX Group support!

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