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RU VDS is a server solutions constructor

RU VDS - server solutions constructor

As we promised earlier, in this article we will talk about the second RUVDS VPS-we used by us, below we will talk about all the benefits of the service, consider its tariffs, data centers location and other elements of the proposed service.

We remind you that VPS (virtual dedicated server) is a remote desktop that provides autonomous operation of your trading accounts, it is a modern necessary tool for a trader, designed to for trading without interruptions and with the fastest orders execution due to the close location of the VPS server to your broker’s server. When choosing a service that provides a VPS server, you need to pay attention to its reputation, the exposure of the data center to the broker, cost, and stability. VPS server should be as reliable as possible, because it will store your trading accounts.

Let’s begin with the data centers location, this operator has lots of them:

  • RUCLOUD, Moscow
  • Rostelecom M9, Moscow
  • LINXDATACENTER, St. Petersburg
  • IT PARK, Kazan
  • Kalininsky, Novosibirsk
  • ZUR1, Zurich
  • Telehouse Frankfurt, Frankfurt
  • EQUINIX LD8, London
  • AMS9, Amsterdam

The last one was opened recently, which indicates the company growth, and growth indicates its reliability. Most RUVDS data centers are located in Russia, this means that this service is suitable for those who work with Russian brokers. Our clients also tell us about the reliability of RUVDS: Sberbank, Finam, Kaspersky, Gett, Moscow Credit Bank, Levis and others. This is also an indicator of the credibility and stability of the company’s positions in the market for providing services of virtual dedicated servers.

Choosing the tariff

RUVDS has several ways of the tariff selection, the first of which is the ability to configure the tariff yourself. You may build a tariff for yourself, just like a constructor, choosing and setting up each item. You can select the operating system (Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), control panel, processor type, RAM size, hard disk size, disk type (HDD, SDD), IP addresses number, DDOS protection and antivirus protection. Naturally, the more parameters there are in your package, the higher is the cost.

The second option is choosing a ready-made tariff, RUVDS offers 10 options:

Rates for beginners

Tariffs for solving more serious trading problemsRUVDS

Professionals Choice


RUVDS prepared separate tariffs for Forex traders, but we recommend that you choose a tariff yourself, proceed from your tasks, but you can choose a ready one if the tasks and the proposal coincide with each other.


* when working in Linux, Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS, the Market may not work in the terminal, MetaQuotes has a published note about this technical error.

At this point, we will stop and analyze it. Despite such a wide choice of tariffs, only those that operate on Windows are suitable for you, because platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5) are created using dynamic DLL files and VIN APIs developed for Windows OS, therefore, there is no guarantee that the server will work correctly on the other OSs.

Our tariff guidelines

In our opinion, it is best to set the tariff yourself for automated advisors trading at the Forex market. For example, you need 2 GB of RAM.

We have already chosen the OS, this is Windows, you may choose the usual processor type, a large amount of disk memory is not necessary for our goals, 20 GB will be enough, it is better to choose the SSD hard drive type for quick work with memory, we do not install protection against DDOS and anti-virus protection.

*The central processor and RAM should have a free space of no less than 50%, the maximum threshold of RAM capacity for the correct operation of the mt4 terminals should be considered the threshold of 65% capacity.


RUVDS service also provides discounts for one-year tariff purchase, holds promotions for the products, free tests, free periods of use and other pleasant bonuses for the customers.

To rent a VPS server, you need to register your account, select a tariff, and pay for it in a way that is the most suitable for you. If you have any questions left, do not hesitate to call or text the 24/7 customer support.


RUVDS is one of the most popular services in the Russian market that has a lot of things to offer, the main feature is the right to select the necessary parameters for your tariff. One of the main benefits is the presence of a kind of an optional settings designer for a remote server which makes this service as adjustable as possible, allowing to create exactly the tariff plan that meets your goals and objectives.

You will find a more detailed description of all its features at https://ruvds.com/

We have been working with RUVDS for more than three years and during this time we have never dealt with unplanned server reboots on, but the operator will inform you in case of a planned reboot by e-mail and in your personal account. But we recommend to reboot the server once every few weeks to speed up its work.

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